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Congolese Think Tank Centre, Calls for reform of the New Year’s Eve Agreement

As all cases cease, the Congolese think Tank Centre calls on the United Nations, the African Union, the Institutions of the Republic and the Political Class to urgently implement its plan to end the crisis, the only one capable of providing a realistic solution-to the Congolese crisis. Thus, the Urgent need to reform the New Year’s Eve Agreement, The Congolese think Tank Centre protests in particular, against the current political stalemate and the confiscation of the future of the Congo by the bipolarization “Power and Opposition”, and invites the people to free themselves by participating massively in the “WHITE...

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The National Monitoring Committee of the New Year’s Eve Agreement

In strict compliance with its mission as the body for monitoring and safeguarding the New Year’s Eve Agreement, the National Monitoring Committee of the Agreement of 31 December 2016, CNSA, under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Olenghankoy , Chair of the Committee, met yesterday, Tuesday 31 October 2017, in Plenary Assembly with all members of the Bureau. This plenary, which lasted about 6 hours, had as its nobility, proceed to the mid-term evaluation of the application of the New Year’s Eve Agreement, from the date of its signature until today before to determine the willingness of each party to...

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Solange Ngoma Akupendae and the Forces of the Future

The Forces of the Future of the late, Arthur Zahidi Ngoma fervently support the idea of ​​an addendum, to amend the Accord of 31 December 2016, proposed “The Progressives”. The National President of the Federation of the Future Forces of the city-province of Kinshasa, Ms. Solange Ngoma Akupendae, co-founder of this new platform, is engaged with her comrades in the materialisation of this conception advocated by this new political group that they now conceive of being the favourable framework for the implementation of two previous agreements concluded respectively at the AU City and the Kinshasa Inter-Kinshasa Center. Ms. Solange...

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Congo DRC Among the New member states of the Human Rights Council

On Sunday 15 October, in the evening, Marie-Ange Mushobekwa, the Minister for Human Rights, said she was optimistic. She believed, surely, in the accuracy of all the titanic work she had undertaken, since she had taken the bridles of her responsibilities at the head of this sector generally considered as problematic. Against all odds and tides, in spite of the whole hostile campaign, it appealed to the common sense of the Member States to vote in favour, particularly as regards the four States which were supposed to represent the African Group of the UN Human Rights Council. Result: after...

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Congolese Political Transition without Joseph Kabila

A certain effervescence has been observed for some time around a controversy centered on the implementation of a violent political campaign designed to convince the Congolese on the possibility of creating a transition that excludes from the head of the country the current President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange. Such a position, in the opinion of a Pro-Majority Analyst, does not respect the Constitution or the Agreement of 31 December 2017. If it had to be put into practice, how respecting a minimum of the general values ​​and rules of democracy? In this new and free forum whose...

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Congolese Models

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