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Congolese Model, Tina Kanku Yoga Class at Kinshasa Yoga Club

As Always, we managed to convince the beautiful Congolese Model, Tina Kanku to show us what Yoga is all about, because Yoga is among the fastest growing sports in the world today. Just like most of my Congolese friends , We tend to think that Yoga is something that belongs to the orientals only. However, we’ve found that yoga keeps coming up in many conversations with the modern woman of today. Our industrious sister, Feza recent opened up a Yoga studio, downtown of western Kinshasa -she assured us that the studio will become a place, that everyone wants to...

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Congolese Model of the day,Gina Kabanga

We spent the day at our Banana beach location, western Congo with the Beautiful Gina Kabanga and she’s a very intelligent Congolese lady with many ambitions. This will be one of the very many Congolese Models that we shall be featuring. The model scouting has just begun and we won’t let conservative minded people stop us from our mission. There’s something very special about this Congolese beauty-its the simplicity and natural looks that makes her stand-out from the crowd. She believes its that time Congo put her dark past and moved on as holding to the past does not...

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Congolese Models

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