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The Congolese National Forces of Progress

Saturday 20 August, the performance hall of the Palace of the people vibrated to the rhythm of a deep exchange between the representatives of political parties and the liaison committee of the Independent National Electoral Commission. Corneille Nangaa answered more than 50 questions that was coming from everywhere. Among the issues that led the room in comic scenarios, we noted the request of Mr Banikina Balky, National President of the Congolese National Union Forces of Progress. This has held stubbornly to the resignation of President of the INEC. Interrogation as warm as it is, has cleverly deserved a response...

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The Congolese Dialogue without a good Political climate

The UNC and allies met Marcel Utembi, president of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo -CENCO-, Friday, August 12, 2016. With forty political parties, UNC and allies delivered its economy CENCO ideas. After said maintenance Kamerhe, national president of the Union for the Congolese Nation entrusted the key message for media professionals. He outlined three major options that can help address the problem of organizing elections in the DRC. The first allows to go to the elections this year would like the Independent National Electoral Commission darkens with the current file. The last two, as envisaged by the Committee...

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The Heads of State and Government of the IGAD

The outcome of IGAD plus Heads of State and Government Summit, find below the Communique: COMMUNIQUE OF THE ASSEMBLY OF HEADS OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT OF THE IGAD PLUS ON THE SITUATION IN SOUTH SUDAN The Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the IGAD Plus held a Summit meeting on 5th August 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and deliberated on the prevailing situation in South Sudan. The meeting was chaired by H.E. Haile mariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and current Chairperson of the IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government,...

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MONUSCO to Strengthen its early warning system in Congo DRC

 From 27 to 28 June, a delegation of MONUSCO, led by the Deputy Special Representative for Operations in Eastern, David Gressly and the Force Commander of MONUSCO, General Derrick Ngwebi, visited the northern part of the province of North Kivu usually called “North”. For two days, the delegation visited the localities of Beni, Butembo and Lubero and met with Congolese political and military authorities, leaders of civil society and United Nations staff working in this area. The main topics discussed at these meetings were related to the security situation in the region and the protection of civilian populations. For...

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Uganda Must Compensate DRC $5 Billion for War Crimes

On December 19 2005 the International Court of Justice ruled that Uganda violated the principles of non-use of force in international relations and of non-intervention under international human rights law and international humanitarian law; and other obligations owed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Court sitting at The Hague decided that Uganda was under obligation to make reparation to her eastern troubled neighbor. The Court however did not determine the figure of the reparation and was to be exhausted between the two countries. Uganda agreed to pay the reparation but the neighbor asked the literally unimaginable USD...

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