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The Alliance for the Progress of Congo, Rejects President Joseph Kabila

As a member of the Gathering of Political and Social Forces Acquired for Change, the APC endorses the position of the RASSOP, that of no longer recognising Joseph Kabila as President of the Republic beyond December 31, 2017, and rejects at the same time this semblance of electoral calendar which, according to him, is not only an insult and a contempt for the Congolese people, but also a drawback to the Constitution as well as to the Agreement of December 31, 2016. DECLARATION OF THE ALLIANCE FOR THE PROGRESS OF THE CONGO RELATING TO THE ELECTORAL CALENDAR The Alliance...

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The Congolese Opposition Claims the electoral calendar is not Realistic

Finally, the position of the Congolese Opposition is there. The electoral calendar, as published on November 5, is neither consensual nor realistic. For the Congolese opposition, according to a statement signed by Pierre Lumbi Okongo, the President of the Council of Wise Gathering, this calendar violates both the Constitution, the New Year’s Eve Agreement and the electoral law. On the analysis, this calendar, in the opinion of the Opposition, would simply be for external consumption. Moreover, the Opposition states that it is, in addition, fraudulent and deceptive. So, for the Opposition, this schedule is unacceptable because of several weaknesses...

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The Congolese Electoral Process Calendar,Has been Released

The electoral process which has just been crossed by the CENI that some, in their impatience, have long accused of bad faith, duplicity, double language or to make the game of a power suspected, wrongly, to have a visceral inclination to slip. This calendar, which is indeed intended to meet the legitimate expectations of the Congolese people and to put an end to the itching of the political actors and to certain requirements of some foreign decision-makers can count on an unfailing support of the Government, and this, although it is the subject of comments in various senses, sharp...

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Congolese Think Tank Centre, Calls for reform of the New Year’s Eve Agreement

As all cases cease, the Congolese think Tank Centre calls on the United Nations, the African Union, the Institutions of the Republic and the Political Class to urgently implement its plan to end the crisis, the only one capable of providing a realistic solution-to the Congolese crisis. Thus, the Urgent need to reform the New Year’s Eve Agreement, The Congolese think Tank Centre protests in particular, against the current political stalemate and the confiscation of the future of the Congo by the bipolarization “Power and Opposition”, and invites the people to free themselves by participating massively in the “WHITE...

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The National Monitoring Committee of the New Year’s Eve Agreement

In strict compliance with its mission as the body for monitoring and safeguarding the New Year’s Eve Agreement, the National Monitoring Committee of the Agreement of 31 December 2016, CNSA, under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Olenghankoy , Chair of the Committee, met yesterday, Tuesday 31 October 2017, in Plenary Assembly with all members of the Bureau. This plenary, which lasted about 6 hours, had as its nobility, proceed to the mid-term evaluation of the application of the New Year’s Eve Agreement, from the date of its signature until today before to determine the willingness of each party to...

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