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Transformation of Agriculture in Africa

This conference will aim to discuss the transformation of agriculture in Africa, based on industry industrialization strategies. It should be noted that, except for the second week in August has experienced successive declines in copper prices. Thus, to August 19, the red metal has lost 1.57% of its value, the price of a metric ton being $ 4,797.00 against $ 4,873.50 to 11 August 2016. However, the price of an ounce gold gained 0.44%, having fixed at $ 1,352.72 against $ 1,346.80 a week before. Regarding the price of cobalt, after its slight increase to $ 25,496.69, it remained...

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The transformation of DRC Economy

In this analysis we publish, without comment from us, it matter that by encouraging all Congolese to improve productivity both at national and local level, such a platform has the potential infrastructure accelerate the spatial development process, balanced and self-sustained with huge knock-on effects on other sectors of national life (Commerce, Services, Education, …). initiate transformation projects of the Congolese economy, the only prerequisite for a sustainable and structural correlation between growth and improvement of living conditions of the population. The relationship between growth and poverty The relationship between economic growth and poverty is a widely debated topic on...

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DRC Decides to Keep Monetary Policy Unchanged

The sixth ordinary meeting of the DRC Monetary Policy Committee decided to keep unchanged the current mechanism of monetary policy. Especially since it was only on June 27 that the BCC has intervened for a third time with 50 million USD. In total 168 million USD have already been dumped on the market since the first half, to increase the currency supply. Faced with overheating in the foreign exchange market and that such action does not take place continuously, Déogratias Mutombo proposes fundamental changes in the orientation of the development policy. To do this, it is essential for the...

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Congolese Finance Act revisited

The Finance Act revisited was expected for several months at the National Assembly. It’s done. The government has put the final touches, this weekend. Now the deputies are going to consider it at the next plenary. All this is confirmed in the minutes of the Cabinet on Wednesday, May 4 at Kinshasa. MINUTES OF THE EIGHTH REGULAR MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OF 04 MAI 2016 This Wednesday, May 4, 2016 was held the eighth regular meeting of the Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, His Excellency Matata Ponyo Mapon. On the agenda were inscribed...

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Congolese Models

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