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No offense to some, it has not filed his resignation. To be honest, the option seems to have not even been discussed during his meeting with the International Support Group. As expected in the morning yesterday, Thursday, August 4, 2016, it had an appointment at the headquarters of the African Union in Kinshasa. On leaving the meeting, the economy of the ideas was presented by three emissaries. This is Said Djinnit (UN), Georges Nakseu (OIF), Koen Vervaeke (EU). The essential message? Well, once again, Kodjo receives a ” unwavering ‘support. This panel of experts has reaffirmed its determination to activate, through consultations with the actors of the presidential majority, the opposition and civil society to overcome the current obstacles to the launch of the dialogue work.

Rejected by the Opposition Genval, Edem Kodjo was given, in the eyes of some observers, for resigning. And its development last Thursday with the support group seemed like the perfect opportunity to seal his fate. And, in the process, as the likely replacement, the name of Alpha Omar Konaré, former president of Mali, was quoted. Alas! Kodjo remains in place with the blessing of all the regional, pan-African and also international weighing.


After his disavowal, Kodjo has continued to gain support here and there. First, from the African Union. Where, in a statement, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President of the AU Commission, has, meanwhile, decided the case, reiterating his full confidence. Then there is the United Nations Mission in Congo -Monusco-. Indeed, during his press conference on Wednesday, August 3, she proclaimed, loudly, his support for dialogue facilitator. The same day, a little later, it is a good ten African ambassadors, gathered in what they called ‘diplomatic corps African group’, which, in turn, following a frank and uncompromising service, supported Kodjo. And the International Support Group for the purpose for which it was constituted, does not mince words. Bluntly, he said support the facilitator to successfully organize an inclusive dialogue in Congo – Kinshasa to resolve peacefully, by consensus, the hard questions. It also suits to note that the European Union, with all my heart hammered continue to place his faith in Edem Kodjo.


” Our physical presence here demonstrates the urgency in order to launch this dialogue … we will have consultations with all stakeholders … ”, says Koen Vervaek, Representative of the European Union for the Great Lakes. From yesterday, the marathon of consultations was launched with the intention to appease the spirits, strengthening civil liberties and all measures must form part of easing tensions, judging these things more yet indispensable. And in this way, he called for the release of political prisoners.

Kodjo Why?

Far from considering it as a demiurge, to read between the lines of statements made by the international support group facilitation, it appears that they like others, would like to avoid a big constraint. The Limiting maneuvering with respect to time. The dialogue as the framework par excellence, to be held before the mold time-lines and presidential 2016. For, beyond the electoral crisis born of the difficulties of the electoral process which, for some time, gave birth to political tensions, could take disturbing turns. Then, facing the problem of time, a new facilitator has yet to reset the process by taking things in hand, where Kodjo had already gaged the real measure of Congolese political swamp. But what if Tshisekedi and Opposition Genval camped on their position on Kodjo, notwithstanding the involvement of the support group? The question will then know which of those two is ultimately an irreplaceable piece to the Political Dialogue the Congo – Kinshasa. Many already have their answer …