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Tryphon Kin-kiey remains loyal to the Head of State, Joseph Kabila. He remains convinced that nothing will happen in Congo without Kabila, or against Kabila. That said, the former Minister of Relations with the Parliament gives his full support to the direct discussions under the aegis of the CENCO, at the request of the President of the Republic. It is the first Joint Political Declaration of the Party for Action (PA) and Kabila Désir (KD), both fighting forces and spearhead of the Presidential majority, after the constitutional deadline of 19 December 2016 and the publication Of the Samy Badibanga Government.

A government team characterized by sociological and political imbalances. A government that did not take into account the vanguardist Kabilist fighting forces and major electoral fiefs. The political offices of the PA and Kabila Désir held a joint meeting, under the leadership of Tryphon Kin-kiey Mulumba, from 27 to 28 December, at the PA’s national headquarters in Kinshasa. The Deputy Secretary General of the PA, Crispin Miyambi, in charge of Political Affairs, read the statement below, which sanctioned the completion of the work.