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In the 90th minute of the Mazembe-Bukavu Dawa match played yesterday Sunday (June 25th) at the Mazembe stadium in Lubumbashi, the scorer showed 0 for Mazembe and 0 for Bukavu Dawa. As a result, the referee signaled 7 minutes of additional time to the great satisfaction of the Lushois public, and to the contempt of the players of Bukavu Dawa who thought they had done the necessary. As if that was not enough, in the 94th minute, the referee awards a penalty to Mazembe. Rainford Kalaba takes charge and opens the scoring. In the 97th minute, the same Kalaba returns for the second goal on a pass of Issama Mpeko. What a game ! TP Mazembe struggled hard by scoring in extra time. The match was dominated by the South Kivutians who played the all-out. They deserved everything in this game except the defeat. Fecofa, who no longer jokes about bad arbitration, will certainly take a look at it, to see if there has not been what it calls “intentionally serious technical faults”. Meanwhile, Mazembe now has 27 points for 12 matches. The leader is DC Motema Pembe and AS V. Club.