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 Friday, June 30, is already at the end of this week. In principle, it is the big day of festivity, the day the RD. Congo gained national independence and international sovereignty. On that day, the sun rose on a good foot, the Congolese jubilated and danced to the rhythm spirited with fervor and pride of the reconquest of the dignity and all the freedoms recognized to the man, so black To take charge of himself and to assume himself before the demands of his own destiny.

The R & D. Congo, after several decades of painful life under the influence of Belgium, its former metropolitan power, covered its true marks, as a State and as a nation. Today, 57 years later, what about this so-called national independence? What has become of the destiny of this country, which the ancestors, in the national anthem, wanted, at all costs, to build more beautiful than before? What is the level of its economy? What is the state of health of its public institutions? And the social of his people? The Bishops, with their hands on the Bible, set up an indictment of sour taste.

In a very recent message, they say, loudly, that the country is going very badly. Standing, Congolese! December 2017 approach ”. In their own way, the Bishops return to the issue of the implementation of the Agreement of 31 December 2016, as concluded at the Center Interdiocésain, la Gombe. They appeal to the patriotic sense of all the parties involved in direct discussions so far that the Agreement, far from being selectively applied, is rather the basis of the consensus without which it is impossible to move towards elections By the end of December 2017.

The Bishops therefore demand that the Congolese authorities make an effort to provide the CENI with substantial resources for the end of the enlistment operation and that by the end of July the electoral register Be published, together with the electoral calendar. This would, in their view, allow them to remain within the limits laid down in this Agreement and, above all, to preserve peace during this last turn towards democratic alternation. On the other hand, Lambert Mende, Spokesman for the Government, believes that the Bishops, in their message, nevertheless have good premises, but they draw false conclusions. For him, indeed, the Bishops retract the truth and flee it in superfluous circumlocutions and other idle assertions. Why, he wondered, did they not point to the authors of the blockage of the Particular Arrangement until the day when the Head of State, Joseph Kabila Kabange, using his prerogatives On 5 April, decided to address the two Houses of Parliament, meeting in congress, before appointing the current Prime Minister, Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe, on 7 April 2017, while throwing in the towel To his predecessor, Samy Badibanga, six months later?

Is it the Presidential Majority that would be responsible for the death of Tshisekedi on February 1, 2017, so that afterwards the Rassemblement would be atomized to the point of being unable to speak with a single voice before the stakes as important as Were the establishment of the government, the installation of the CNSA, or the restructuring of democracy support institutions, such as the CENI or the CSAC? Hard to say.

However, we are witnessing the escalation of verbal diarrhea. Speeches become sharp again. In both camps, one swears only on elections, when it is known that they will not take place, due to the absence of guarantees and very tight time. Hypocrisy or strategy? Because, the decoration is planted for a new duel with the knife to the patibular effects.