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Agriculture in Angola, a big challenge.

Ondjiva – the economist Oscar Marcelino Kukeinge advised today, Wednesday, in ondjiva, province of the cunene, entrepreneurs to bet seriously in agriculture, with a view to contribute in the process of diversification of the national economy.
In statements to the angop, Oscar Kukeinge stated that the bet in agriculture, especially the familiar, is a decisive step to mitigate the current economic crisis, resulting from the fall of the price of oil in the international market.
” Rural Agriculture allows, in the case of the province of South Africa where the majority of the population lives in rural area, to create self-sufficiency in food, having regard to the intensive capacity of the sector.
The economist praised, for its part, the programme of the government agricultural credit of campaign, which has been to integrate families in the promotion of the activity of national production and enhance the agro-industry.
These programmes, he added, they do with that answers the needs of the country, both in terms of food, both in terms of possible import of goods, will be resolved.