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Everything speaks in Kinshasa. The topic in the headlines. Social networks are not only remains. The choice focused on André MOLOTO divides the Congolese from all over the world. On the web, there are many who opposed the decision of the jury who has set his sights on this girl from the diaspora. While a minority believes it deserves this crown ambassador of beauty and the Congolese tourism.

Never mind, we must also remember that it was not just about having a great corpulence and be eloquent to win the crown. Beyond the universal criterion miss, the competition was also given a great emphasis on public and subscribers of Vodacom network to vote for the candidates. However, this step seems to be the most ignored Congolese both from within and abroad. What is obvious is to note that in the history of the Miss DRC organized by Vodacom business in recent years, it is often the candidates came from outside the capital, or in the diaspora who win crowns. After Laurène KABUIZ Katanga, we saw Jessica BOSEKOTA Belgium. This time, we still have a Miss Congo from South Africa. Yet there is not a province of the Diaspora in the map geography DRC.

However, the final of the 2016 Miss Congo election lived successfully last weekend, the Capital in the Pullman Hotel in Kinshasa. After ten weeks of challenge to the village Moseka in Kinshasa, the jury of Sony KAMANA (Ex-model) and Ms. Odia (Miss Ex-candidate), awarded the crown to Andrea MOLOTO which appears to be potentially eligible for Miss Universe 2016 . This is after a evening full of color and glamor, with the presence of the Congolese authorities including the Minister of Tourism and some members of the government that MOLOTO Miss was proclaimed Miss.

Other distinguished guests like Hillary KABENGELE diva also marked their presence this event. The ceremony was enlivened by singer GOLA Ferré, which achieved a good performance in playback on the podium.

$ 20,000 for Queen Andrea

It is noteworthy that the winner pocketed the sum of $ 20,000 with a luxurious Jeep as well as many other prizes from sponsors. Which will allow him to enjoy a pleasant stay during the global contest “Miss World 2016”, 30 years after the remarkable Benita Mureka, Miss Zaire 1985 and Miss World finalist.

Note Andrea MOLOTO was a candidate of the South African diaspora (Johannesburg). 1, 88m, it will not only be a beauty queen, but also and above all an accomplished woman, capable of representing the DRC on the international scene as an ambassador of the true values and the Congolese culture.

While the title of the 1st Dauphine returned to Anado Kabika, candidate of Bandundu, who was rewarded for a $ 5,000 check.

Remember, this national competition of 2016 on the theme “The beauty that changes the world.” It was attended by 26 beautiful women rd-Congolese. For ten weeks, these beauties competed in a TV reality TV format.

As a mansion, the village was home Moseka based in one of the upscale neighborhoods of Kinshasa, where almost all the shows were filmed live. A housing with a mix of modern design and African style with local furniture and rare wood.

Participants were judged on criteria based on general culture, beauty and values, through weekly challenges. This cultural event highlighted the wealth of talent and expertise of the Congolese people by bringing together artists and craftsmen for the same goal.

The organization of the competition was ensured and produced by the agency Pygma communication under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and several other partners. “In addition, the promotion of the country, values and cultures, PYGMA aims to tell a positive story of success and progress of the African youth through this platform,” said Alain Yav, CEO Pygma.

Miss-DRC is a beauty contest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before, this competition was called Miss Zaire from 1971 to 1997. In 2016, for the first time in 18 years, a Miss Congo is selected and organized under the reality TV format using the expertise of Pygma.