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    lúcio Lara

    Press Release of the political bureau of the central committee of the mpla on the passing of comrade lúcio Lara
    Mpla – National Headquarters · Saturday, 27 February 2016
    It was with deep emotion that the political bureau of the central committee of the mpla took note of the physical passamento comrade Lucius Rodrigo Milk Barreto de Lara, historic leader of the mpla, occurred today (27 February 2016), In Luanda, for disease.
    Born On 9 April 1929, in huambo, Comrade Lúcio Lara was a craftsman of the struggle for independence of Angola, next to the first president of Angola, Dr António Agostinho Neto and other eminent nationalists, having entered the Your name with gold lettering in our recent history, for your invaluable participation in the difficult journey on behalf of freedom, self-determination and of National Independence.
    By the event, the political bureau of the central committee of the mpla leans to the memory of this illustrious combatant of the fatherland Angola and, in the name of the militants, supporters and friends of the party, extends to the bereaved family their deepest condolences.
    The programme of the funeral will be published in due course.
    Comrade Lucius Lara, present!
    May his soul rest in peace
    Peace, work and freedom
    Mpla – with the people on the road to victory
    The struggle continues
    The victory is certain
    Luanda, to 27 February 2016.
    The Political Bureau of the mpla


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