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In its statement issued Monday, July 18, 2016, at its headquarters in the town of Limete, the AETA (Action for transparent and peaceful elections), a platform of NGOs in civil society, is categorical: “Six months the constitutional deadline, it is still possible to successfully holding the presidential elections in compliance with the deadline imposed by the constitution, provided substantial support to financial, logistical and technical are made by both the government and the international community. ”

To get there, it will establish an emergency procedure, simplified, flexible and convenient as in the past, or in 1960, when elections were held shortly before the adoption of the electoral law. This involves in particular: the use of more reliable existing electoral roll; the development of flexible and simplified mechanisms at the local territorial administration for quick registration of new major; the creation within the consulates of the Congo, recording cells Congolese living abroad to effective technical support for the reconstruction of reliable and credible electoral register; the concrete commitment of the international community for an appropriate logistical support and the provision of financial resources
required in real time.

Some relevant recommendations

From the above, the experts of the civil society members and non-members of AETA recommend to the President to use his powers for holding, within the constitutional period of the presidential election which will devote peaceful democratic transition in the DRC.

The Government of the Republic, they advise, first, to respect the election financing plan approved in December 2015, allocating to the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) all arrested appropriations from US $ 300 million to organize presidential elections by December 2016. Then, redefine the disbursement plan adopted in December 2015, whereas the election of the President of the Republic shall be organized as a priority and to devote the necessary means and in right time.

Moreover, experts from the civil society members and non-members of AETA ask Parliament to make available, at the earliest, the electoral law pending the review, and to exercise its prerogatives to the monitoring and constitutionally control of funding of INEC and fiscal governance thereof.

At the National Independent Electoral Commission is asked to publish independently and in compliance with the Constitution an exceptional electoral calendar for the presidential election. Similarly, political parties adhere to rationally desire to recreate the political consensus through national dialogue based on respect for the Constitution.

Finally, the AETA urge the Congolese people to mobilize strongly for the respect of the Constitution and the achievement of the major goal of democratic change at December 20, 2016.
The platform also calls on the Congolese people to adhere to project management of elections by local mobilization of the required funds, facing budgetary deficit it faces.