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The territory of Masisi has been liberated

Congo RDC Congo The territory of Masisi has been liberated

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    We announce to this effect that the territory of Masisi in its entirety is already liberated from M23 terrorists and. We invite the government to deploy the police and soldiers there as urgently as possible so that the schools can recover and the enrolment begins. At the moment the clashes continue in the BISHUSHA, TONGO KISIGARI, BINZA, BUSANZA, BUKOMA Groups in the Rutshuru Territory.

    Update on the security situation on the front lines at 12:15 p.m.

    1. No clashes have been reported in Kitchanga or its surroundings contrary to certain rumours circulating on social networks.
    After having reoccupied Kitchanga without a fight, a muscular deployment of young resistance fighters is underway.

    2. The position of the M23 terrorists which was on the Baudouin farm ±6km from Kitchanga centre was also emptied even before the arrival of the young patriotic resistance fighters.
    These young people are chasing the rebels who have retreated to Bwiza . The clashes continue towards Mudugudu and #Rusekera more than 25 km from Kitchanga.

    3. The M23 terrorists who came from Kalengera to reinforce theirs in Tongo, fell into an ambush set up for them by the resistance in the very centre of Rushovu. (We will come back with more details on the results).

    4. At Tongo/kisangani, Kanaba, there is silence from the sounds of weapons for the moment.

    5. No clashes have been reported in Ngwenda, Kinyandonyi and Busanza since Monday morning.

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