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Criminals of the worst kind that are currently causing insomnia OPP and nightmares to peaceful inhabitants of Kintambo and Ngaliema continue to report for months, in three neighboring districts. This new triangle of insecurity is located between Jamaica Luka camp and My Country. Grouped in several bands of criminals who for war names Masasi, Commando, Mbeli-Mbeli, Red Brigade, Tungle and others operate on several fronts.
On a first level, offenders run the streets in the late hours, questioning pedestrians and extorting their valuables. Always walk, they target night owls who, in the early hours of the morning, come back too late nights. Eyes heavy with sleep, staggering slightly dimmed by a glass too, the people of Jamaica and Ma Campagne fall into the clutches of these rogue elements that strip them of their mobile phones, bank notes and other jewelry.

These criminals, who come from Luka Selembao Camp familiar typography of Jamaica neighborhood where they come before the day, locate all the crossing points between the Makelele river and neighborhood Ma Campagne. At first clash with elements of the police, they borrow steep trails and disappear through the bushes, before returning to their stronghold which would be at the cemetery Kintambo.

On a second level, the thugs armed with weapons of war, conducting armed robberies in the homes of big
fortunes of the area not guarded by police and military.
The Nganda Avenue, porous border between Jamaica and the neighborhood Ma Campagne district, offers an ideal setting for robberies because the darkness that prevails at night in the area. of robbers
vehicles whose headquarters is based at Camp Luka, indulge in armed extortion. Recall that this is the part
Ngaliema as licensed criminals had killed a member of the Military High Court, came to exchange a few tickets dollars.
According users of this road, the darkness helping, many Packages are perpetrated by bandits lawless.

Modus operand: simulated car breakdown on this avenue, some shrubs scattered here and there to prevent the danger, forcing other motorists to reduce speed to overcome this obstacle. of the rogue elements including a strong presence these days is found Recently, at Luka camp, then come out of hiding, encircle
vehicle of potential victims, snapped ignition keys of the automotive and submit their unmarked car running.
The victims are crying abandoned to their fate, the edge of the road where they lived a live steer. emotion
felt that night, can not be described without mentioning fear intense that knocked the driver and passengers during those few times when a slightest misstep on their part, could some fatal cases of this robbery.
Certainly they were unharmed, but depressed and traumatized. he is now the duty of the police to actively seek, find the stolen car and hunt down the bandits who are still on the run.
On a third level, there domiciliary visits gunmen in My Country. Three Alleys Avenue of the Ring Place
commercial, to name a few famous arteries very popular, local residents have registered since the beginning of this year of armed robbery by criminals who generally, are assisted and guided to the homes of people
considered affluent by their neighbors.
At the provincial police, insecurity recorded these Recently, would likely be the sum of many acts banditry, petty crime, and flight in extremist.
Bad coincidence, Kinshasa saw the eruption of violence Kuluna stables.
We can take comfort in the idea that in light of the instructions received National Executive, the police authorities have mobilized their troops to be redeployed foot patrols in Kinshasa, through neighborhoods and towns plagued by insecurity.
The organization of these patrols, we believe, can lead skirmishes with bandits, hence it is recommended that night walks are limited to those required by emergencies medical and other.