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The Congress of the United States of America adopted Thursday, July 14, 2 resolutions on the Congo – Kinshasa. These allow the US government to punish those who will prevent the smooth running of the electoral process in the DRC. The first resolution is the personalities belonging to the Executive while the second, it has in his sights all the others, he reported. In particular, those of the opposition. Finally, this sword of Damocles now hangs over all Congolese political actors. “If the government officials, opposition members or others (actors) hinder the democratic process, the sanctions will be applied to them, ” chanted have an elected Usa during the deliberation of these measures with its pairs the house of representatives.

All in all, the country of Obama warns each other deal with the issue of elections. But Kinshasa does not hear the same ear. On one hand, he brandishes every effort to facilitate the organization of elections. “The effort that provides the government speak for themselves in this context of generalized crisis in the country, the government has already allocated $ 120 million for the elections ”, maintained on US land Barnabé Kikaya Bin Karubi diplomatic adviser to President Kabila. on the other hand, more than once, it never ceases to say loud and clear that the issue of elections is the national sovereignty of the Democratic Republic of Congo. it should be noted that Opposition is also set to its responsibilities. leaders of the Independent National Electoral Commission are also affected by this law, provided that this institution holds in respect of the constitution, the organizing authority elections.

To read the mind of past legislation in Congress, the Obama administration is not considering elections beyond the limits of the provisions of the Congolese Constitution by reference to Article 73 of the current law of the laws of DRC. This article stipulates that the ballot for the election of the new President of the Republic shall be convened by the INEC 90 days before the end of the term of the President in office. In theory, omitted end of the world is next on September 19 that the US authorities foresee the elections in Congo – Kinshasa. Nangaa Cornelius, president of the Independent National Electoral Commission has long since announced to the world that depending on the expertise of INEC, elections were not possible this year. To be honest, this support institution of democracy is even a better review process, establishment of a new electoral register with government support and even, of all institutions. The opposition, meanwhile, face the whole operation, shouts to joke and sliding attempt orchestrated by the presidential majority, so that there are no elections so that current leaders of institutions remain up in view of the judgment of the Constitutional court. The dialogue seems to be the only salvation for the electoral process. But here, the opposition, at least the largest fringe, waving pre cutthroat eyes of power. Especially on the issue of release of political prisoners. Meanwhile, the days pass and the dates are approaching problems. Although Edem Kodjo, the facilitator said forum hopes to get to convene this forum by the end of July. The US, which in many respects, are concerned about the problems that may arise if there are no elections or a consensus solution to save the electoral process well account by these resolutions, to push the Congolese political actors to responsibility for the future of the country. This at the risk of incurring penalties.