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When Congolese political multiply statements in Kinshasa on the record, Sylvanus Mushi Bonane, he chose the two Kivu provinces. Spokesman of the opposition Patriotic and Republican and National President of the People’s Union for Integral Development, the university professor landed at Bukavu airport, in a dual role. First, as President of the Olympic Club Bukavu Dawa, and as a politician. In his capacity as Chairman of the OC Bukavu Dawa Mushi Bonane handed vehicles and motorcycles to all the players, in thanks for their loyalty and service to the Club. Also, was it matter to this great man to raise the morale of the players, particularly as the qualifying tournament for the national championship 2016-2017. To believe the president of this club, it is possible with a little determination, winning several coronations, as was the case in 2008, when the Olympic Club Bukavu Dawa came out champion of Congo. One stone two birds, Sylvanus Mushi Bonane participated personally in the training session of the team, just to realize the level of the players. And for him, the results were satisfactory and that there is hope. In its cap politician, President of UPRDI, anxious to see his country develop in peace and aspire to development, it took several hours to share with the people of Kivu, on the need and importance the inclusive political dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thousands of people have made the trip to the airport for a warm welcome to this leader who campaigned night and day to defend the interests of the Congolese people and the development of his country. Sylvanus Mushi Bonane, since it is from him that he is, wanted by duty of accountability, as a politician, to report to its base on his political struggle, which revolves around the dialogue. As president of a sports club, he wanted to encourage players of OC Bukavu Dawa, supporting them both material and moral.

Regarding the football, having just left the airport, the President of the OC Bukavu Dawa became head of the Materday cathedral, where he chaired a great sport. And men happy, it’s the players of this club which, apart from the captain, were gratified motorcycles for mobility. Didier Lema, team captain, received a car “Toyota”, commonly called “Ketch”. After the presentation of new players, Captain Didier Lema, on behalf of all his colleagues, found just and convincing words to greet the managerial spirit of the President of the Team. But also, thank to its attention towards the team, and especially to all players. It should be noted that this is a human tide made up of young people, women, old and other bikers, and drivers who have braved everything to accompany the professor to the place of business. A true moment of communion with their son of the soil. Forced to satisfy his base, Sylvanus Mushi Bonane got out of his vehicle to walk for hours, with the coming population make him worthy of homage. Several judgments have been imposed on it throughout the course including, in Kabare, Mudaka, Kabutu and instead of 24 November. The concern of the President of the club in the South Kivu province was to see his team emerge and play major championships of the country, why not Africa and the world. This is what was determined to wet her clothes to accomplish this noble mission.

New players to the OC Bukavu Dawa

The dream of Mushi Bonane to see his team emerged beginning to take shape. While attending the workout at Kadutu Stadium, in front of several spectators, the President of the Club, making two things at once, took the opportunity to introduce new players, which now carry the colors the most famous club in the province of South Kivu. To believe his words, the arrival of these new players will, undoubtedly strengthen the backbone of the team that dream. Furthermore, it should be emphasized the strong commitment of all the players, encouraged by their Chairman, to go from victory to victory, at all levels of the national championship. Remember, this team is preparing hard the qualifying tournament of the national championship of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Only the OC Bukavu Dawa plays at Kadutu, which would be in a very advanced state of disrepair, several sources said. This calls by the country’s authorities and the football governing bodies, special attention. All’s well that ends well, they say, the training session held in the presence of Mushi Bonane, President of the Club, was closed on a note of hope, to see the team win Place in National Championship Linafoot 2016-2017.
Deeply dialogue …
Wherever he went, the Spokesman of the OPR preached dialogue. From North to South Kivu, Sylvanus Mushi has shown strong arguments to support that dialogue is essential. In his
regard, he stressed that dialogue is the royal road to the country out of the political crisis. Thus, it has raised awareness of Bukavu, in particular, and that of South Kivu, in general,
appropriate this dialogue. He showed the negative impact on the country’s future, if there is delay in the commencement of work of this forum. Moreover, in the morning of Tuesday, July 26, Professor Sylvanus Mushi Bonane left Bukavu, on board a boat to go, this time here in Goma, the province of North Kivu. On site, a great mobilization before him. Again, this is a festive atmosphere to see this worthy son of the country that promotes the best interests of the Congolese. Some time later, the Patron of the opposition Patriotic and Republican, OPR acronym, went to Isidore Bakandja fortunate center, where he is expected to meet with many people. Dressed in his political man cap, he raised awareness of this corner of the country on the need for inclusive political dialogue in Republic
Democratic of Congo. It was noted the political will of the leader of the OPR, which is hell-bent on holding this forum to organize good elections.