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Two things come to disturb the court record of the former governor of Katanga. There is first the disappearance of Ms. Wazuri Ramazani, a former Justice Chair of Kamalondo Peace Court in Lubumbashi, which was recently sent to the Congolese authorities a letter in which it retracts into the judgment against Moses Katumbi to three years’ imprisonment and disqualification. As if that was not enough and before
joy or anger tears dry, now the agents of the judicial order of the same court of peace disappear with important documents, especially all the criminal files concerning the said trial between the former governor to Alexandros Stoupis, concerning a building located in the town of Kapemba.

The communiqué issued yesterday in the media by the Court of Appeal of Lubumbashi, under the signature of the Registrar Main Ildefonso Ngoy Tangiza Mata, who denounced these facts, scandalized public opinion for several reasons. From the outset, observers do not understand
the eagerness with which the Principal Registrar of the Court of Appeal of Lubumbashi responded while taking the fact advance the cause of one of the parties to the trial.

Now, according to the general principles of law and criminal procedure, in view of the seriousness of the facts, it is the general Lubumbashi parquet initiate preliminary investigations in advance to know the ins and outs of this business. What
allow investigators to determine responsibility for each other. To date, we do not know the whereabouts of Ms. Ramazani Wazuri. Is she dead or in exile? It is the mystery.

Then, when the criminal files of the trial concerning Moses Katumbi find themselves? This would be the normal procedure that the Prosecutor General at the Court of Appeal of Lubumbashi could have followed instead of deciding without evidence. Accusing Moses Katumbi have implemented a network to disappear judges, graft and especially criminal cases concerning officers without having investigated, the same Court of Appeal went quickly suspecting “promise outside asylum the officials of the judiciary in positioning of evil. ”

disturbing confession of the Court of Appeal
Another fact that trouble the consciences is none other than the
recognition of the letter written by the presiding judge of the Court
Peace Lubumbashi in which it denounces the lack of consideration
the bottom of this case between Moses Katumbi against Alexandros
Stoupis. Yet another central government authority had taxed
false because addressed to the Minister of Justice instead of the first
President of the Higher Judicial Council.
A dispatch from Radio Okapi captured yesterday evening in Kinshasa
indicates that seven clerks Kamalondo Peace Court had
arrest. Late at night, three of them were
released. We hope the interrogations to be carried out will
illuminate the religion of the people to restore the truth about this
case that tears the nation.