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The Committee of International Development ‘International Development Committee “(IDC) visit the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since Monday, 4 July 2016. This parliamentary group led by Stephen Twigg meet members of the Congolese government, the president of the National Assembly and members of the parliamentary groups.

To believe the press release received by the newspaper Le Phare, other meetings are planned with the economic actors of the private sector and the international development assistance community. “The other important aspect of this visit is to see on the ground, the impact of programs funded by the British government,” says one in the document.

Also, these elected officials will visit the provinces of Kasai Central and North Kivu, where they will visit the large portfolio of UK aid programs in the areas of water and sanitation, the fight against malaria, education, development sector
Private and finally peace and stability programs.

On the sidelines of many field visits, the members of the British Parliament will also meet with the governors of two provinces they visit.

With an annual budget of around £ 150 million bilateral aid to development in the past five years, the DRC is the 5th largest investment of British cooperation in Africa. What justifies the interest of British MPs to visit

About IDC, it should be noted that monitors policy, administration and expenditure of UK Aid through the UK Department for International Cooperation (DFID) and its associated public bodies, and focuses on policies and procedures
multilateral agencies and non-governmental organizations recipients of contributions from DFID.

The Committee is composed of eleven members of the backbench Parliament. The Committee Chairman is Stephen Twigg MP, deputy Labor Party Liverpool West Derby.

The International Development Committee was established in 1997 in response to the creation of the British Cooperation / DFID (formerly the Overseas Development Administration).