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The uncertainty over the survival of the political party “Union for the development of Congo,” and fears expressed by some supporters Baudouin Banza Mukalay, the dislocation of their party, have given way in recent times, in faith the aftermath. And for good reason !

The Union for the Development of Congo, party allied to the Majority
presidential, orphaned after the death of its president
national, Baudouin Banza Mukalay Sungu, last May, comes in
Indeed, to find a new guardian, one who intends to
his energy and his intelligence for the survival of this
political, for the revitalization of its activities and
continuation of its implementation program in other provinces
from the country.
This multifaceted gem whose name rarely filtered
in political circles, is as it should be reported, the
Honorary Governor of the Central Bank of Congo, Jean-Claude
Masangu Mulongo. Hopes that suddenly has to raise
within the UDCO, when dry the tears of activists and
frames, are the size of its determination to make a
Party flagship of the Presidential Majority. If no obstacle strewn
the path that will lead to his enthronement as head of the UDCO, and
official presentation, it is believed that the man we
surprises with its political facet, had certainly taken before
the extent of its future responsibilities and even political leader
arduous and difficult tasks ahead to federate
skills and revive militancy in the UDCO.
Already in his favor, favorable echoes are heard here and there and
other political leaders believe that to fill the void in the
UDCO the head, Jean-Claude Masangu is the leader and which need
will bring some new energy in its march towards the conquest of
For political analysts, Jean-Claude Masangu, best known for
its discretion, would be the ideal leader whose characteristic
key is efficiency in its action programs. It is known
that even for a political formation of the scale of the UDCO it
ensure that the basic tenets of orthodox management are
scrupulously respected executives more responsibility
differ in their spheres of activity. He is the defender
hard to the famous formula of “the right man in the place it
must. ”
But beyond its very particular character traits, the new
guardian UDCO remains an open man and that has meaning
pronounced relationships. With him, the UDCO will weave the web of his
partnerships with African and European political parties
pursuing the same objectives. What would be good for
this political anxious to expand its visibility
outside national boundaries.
However, it suggests that his inauguration in command of
the UDCO could take place before the fortieth day after the
loss of its moral authority Baudouin Banza Mukalay.