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Dynamics of Indigenous Peoples groups (APD) organized a round table focused on the commitments of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its partners for Indigenous Peoples: Results and Prospects. These sessions are held from 15 to 16 June 2016, Kempesky Congo River Hotel, in the commune of Gombe. Opened by the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Gerard Barthelemy Nkata Bayoko, this panel has several objectives, including, perform the launch of donations dedicated mechanism for indigenous peoples and local communities
Forest Investment Program; stimulate discussion on socio-economic development through projects and field activities.

In addition, this meeting want to lead discussions, clarification and suggestion on how to implement and
the key requirements for the project’s success; reflections on the strategic framework for the preparation of a development program for the indigenous Pygmy peoples in DRC and discuss the Ski solutions based on lessons learned from the implementation Project work. Participants in the roundtable will also
address other aspects from remembering and facilitating the application in the DRC of the State of commitments, including through the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peoples indigenous and relevant resolutions arising from the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. but also those detailed in the various pillars of the strategic framework for preparation of a development program for people Indigenous Pygmies in the DRC

The expected results provoke hope

In his welcome address, a representative of the Pygmies reported he was very happy to see this round table held with very capital of specifications whose resolutions will be profitable all pygmies. For his part, Patrick Saidi, Coordinator APD said that this meeting is large because, it includes several executives and representatives of indigenous different provinces to develop a roadmap for the preparation and implementation of a development program. The Representative Director of IFAD country considered that the pygmies a great role to play in terms of development, while the Country Director of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recalled the obligation and duty of all Member States of the Organization United Nations, to respect the rights of each person or group individuals. Ms. Adolphine Muleyi, Provincial Minister Agriculture, Land and Business Sustainability South Kivu expressed his joy to see that the needs and problems of
Native is a major concern of many organizations working in Congo.