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Deep within themselves, and Daniel Dieudonne Nkishi Mbayo, two countrymen, wrote to the CENI, to denounce the dual nationality case. Certainly, the renunciation of Belgian nationality since 2007, the Old Lion Katanga, Patriarch Mwando, must have been for something, in this, obviously, patriotic. The goal here would be, if we read between the lines, the contents of this letter that The Daily Prosperity, thanks to its ubiquity, has obtained a copy flying on the canvas, in slam the door on the nose of foreigners at this new voter registration, launched from the Nord-Ubangi District in the former Ecuador still want if we are not careful, access to the undue Congolese nationality. In the same correspondence sent to Cornelius Nangaa, both Congolese intellectuals, indicate, moreover, they will seize the King of Belgium and the Commission of the European Union, to request the complete list of all Congolese to whom they would awarded the nationality of a member country. In this edition, it is necessary to read the reasons and especially to identify the contours of this new series with multiple twists. This is an exclusive, at least so far.