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On behalf of the government, Lambert Mende Omalanga dedicating to those he calls himself the ” fetishists dates ”, a quote from the teachings of African wisdom as recalled by the great South African leader Nelson Mandela of happy memory: “If you can not run, walk, if you can not walk, crawl but forward” toward peace, concord without which there is no possible development. He said yesterday in his office in Gombe, on the sidelines of a press briefing focused, as expected, the bulk of current issues. The business of Beni, dialogue, registration of voters, not forgetting, of course, in his line of defense, shipping any other underlying problems and, in the light of developments in theater operations, which deserved a trench government position. Overall, Mende, in his legendary serenity, has evaded any questions. Moreover, it would be wrong to know if anyone thought he would, he miss such an opportunity, to cut the grass under the feet of opponents of President Kabila on concerns related in particular to the end of mandate and respect constitutional deadlines and especially on harsh criticism he is currently credited to some media devices in connection with the escalation of violence and massacres, became cyclical, in the North Kivu and in related areas. Prosperity restores here the full statement of the spokesman of the government of this Thursday, August 18, 2016. There is, of sufficient material. To each, therefore, to find him.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

The Congolese people shocked and devastated by massacres in the outskirts of the town of Beni by a group of terrorists driven out of their dens Mwalika and Naduyi, Saturday, August 13, 2016, just raised the national three-day mourning declared by the government of the Republic on the instructions of the President of the Republic, Head of State. The Government wishes to reiterate its condolences to the families and relatives of the victims and to the entire population of the territory of Beni, a territory suffering martyrdom for too many years because of these criminal gangs from abroad .

The Government pays tribute to the solidarity expressed by different sections of the Congolese population in all the provinces and welcomes the compassion and dignity of the majority of men and women of this country in the event, one more, one too large for the North East of the DRC which has suffered too much from the cruelty of barbarian hordes lawless laws since the mid 90s.

It reaffirms, now more than ever, its firm determination to ramp up our defense and security forces to eradicate definitively terrorist groups responsible for such acts of barbarism that no cause can justify .

It is in this context that the Prime Minister paid a visit to Beni Tuesday after a key meeting of the Supreme Council of Defence convened in Goma by the President of the Republic. The purpose of this visit was certainly mark the solidarity of the whole country to the victims of the terrorist activism in the region, but it was mainly to inspect the system set up under the new modus operandi of criminals, conventional type of action that our valiant defense and security forces have seriously undermined, went to forms called asymmetric aggression that require a response from another type likely to secure any cost that part of the country.

The exploitation of the documents seized in the three strongholds of this criminal group, Meidna, Malwika and Naduyi, captured and destroyed by our FARDC and interrogation of captured items is not yet complete. She has already our services to trace follows the historical pattern.

From a traditional armed opposition to the regime of President Museveni Ugandan expatriate in the Republic of Zaire they were in 1995, ie two years before the destruction of the Second Republic of the late President Mobutu (1997), the ADF-NALU has substantially transformed and became this day a true international terrorist Islamist radical character. This finding emerges from the multinational composition of its fighting units were found not only Ugandan subjects of the first days, but also Somalis, Tanzanians, Kenyans, Rwandans, Ethiopians and Congolese DRC also. This is clearly in recruitment mission in Tanzania that Jamil Mukulu, movement leader was arrested in Tanzania before being extradited to Uganda, his country of origin where it will soon stand trial.

The radicalization process has elements of recruits, according to information gathered, received support Somali Shebab. It was at the instigation of these bands that ADF militia routed by FARDC offensives have converted to asymmetry:

asymmetry in terms of means of attack through the use of ordinary means such as machetes, axes and clubs available everywhere and can not a priori arouse the suspicion of the defense and security forces in the agricultural zone;
asymmetry tactical and strategic plans, and the choice of targets by surrendering to face the FARDC to attack peaceful populations in isolated hamlets selected based on their distance from the barracks of the defense and security forces or on the go or return to the farms and fields in the hope of breaking solidarity between technostructures of the state and people say that could speed their final neutralization.

Like all other countries in the world victims of international terrorism radicalized Islamist groups, and they are very numerous, the Democratic Republic of Congo, our country is applicant for international solidarity worthy of the name. Effective solidarity, not condescending and likely to increase its operational capacity, which is unfortunately not the case so far.

It is not just that the Congolese government and its defense and security forces are required in this regard practically contort literally to have the military means to deal with this threat and this, despite the support of the MONUSCO is still far from being at the height of a challenge of this magnitude. The lifting of the arms embargo would be a strong signal that would mark the recognition of the international community about the need for the DRC the same status as the other countries that are in the sights of this scourge.

The Government appreciates the value compassion expressed by Pope Francis, who took the opportunity of the Solemnity of the Assumption since the Vatican to denounce the silence of the international community to terrorism repeatedly that continue to endeuiller Beni territory. This symbolic consolation of the Supreme Pontiff goes straight to the heart even if it is not, as one might expect, such as to provide defense and security forces of the DRC the suitable means to finalize their tasks securing the entire national territory.

This is the place for the Government of the Republic to question certain attitudes and habits adopted by some of our compatriots face this real existential challenge and that border on indecency. Indeed, in addition to sterile polemics, these citizens seem to revel in this tragedy that besets our people in Kivu and even attempt to draw a kind of politician dividend. For them, this chronic insecurity in the far north is a banal as another opportunity to settle accounts partisans, bring baseless lawsuit, stigmatize and blame the institutions as well as defense and security forces of our country , making sure the game an enemy, terrorism, against which good sense and humanity call for a holy union.

Faced with multiple murder in cold blood of innocent compatriots in Beni, rather than calling the patriotic uprising and the establishment of a republican front in the framework of national solidarity as happens in other places in such if some members of some civil society and their mentors unpatriotic politicians have seen only the opportunity to throw tooth and nail on national institutions through cynical allegations dictated by their petty interests.

We saw an elected afford to round up the population of Butembo for the drive to Beni to the scene recently committed crimes allegedly there to express their anger like. Local authorities could in no way leave and invade a crime scene in which are usually only allowed the investigators and we may wonder if what motivated initiators of these irrational acts was not to cover their tracks and make difficult the investigation and tracking down current. The authorities’ efforts thus preserving the commission site crimes that we deplore were seriously abused by these uncivil and deplored a new mortally affected victim by a stray bullet after the so-called demonstrator had killed a policeman blows stones. These protesters were also lynched a mentally ill Beni they had taken for an ADF fighter and wounded seven people. Like what, it’s best to let the technostructures state do their job instead of trying to create anarchy of the so-called justice “popular.”

In any event, despite the sabotage of which we soon will know the final word, the defense and security forces continue tracking down terrorists and as we speak, 80 ADF elements have already been captured and are kept in Kangwanyi central prison in Beni. Among them, many Ugandan subjects but also Tanzanians and some Rwandans and Congolese. In Butembo imam was caught in youth recruitment offense for terrorist group and was arrested.

A number of articles read on the media, postings posted on social networks and statements heard in audiovisual waves are symptomatic of this attitude. After the vile massacres of Beni, too we have seen surge of calls for the resignation of the highest authorities of the country treated it is not known on what basis the terrorist perpetrators of these massacres when not downright presented against all rational logic as planners, promoters or sponsors of such massacres. We remember that during the clashes between the security forces and the militia of off-the-law of Chief Mpandi Kamwina Nsapu Friday, August 12, 2016 in the Kasai Central Tshimbulu who killed 19 fellow including 11 policemen the same sources had rushed on stretchers to recovery, brocarder national Police and practically take up the cause for criminals whose benefit they invoked the human rights like other victims including policemen killed these militiamen in fulfilling their mission were not human and had no rights. The words of an activist for human rights in these circumstances testify to this kind of schizophrenia who would want that criminals are praised and the security forces that make use of self-defense are vilified. With a martial tone, this activist denounced and criticized ” the use of force by the disproportionate response by the government rd. Congolese “in his analysis of the events that had resulted in the deaths of eight militiamen and 11 police officers, so we are entitled to wonder which side stood the” disproportion “. No word of compassion to location of 11 police he was rather quick to describe as “executioners’. This looks suspiciously like a remake of about already heard about the Likofi operation.

In some press that does not bother most ethical principles, have been pleased to spread very shocking images contrary to respect for the dead and which we now know they have nothing to do with the events in question and to superimpose the “one” deliberately malicious that will neither in the direction of strengthening national cohesion, nor of the culture of peace in our country.

Other compatriots have fun feeding the psychosis through logorrhée warlike semantics. While the Congolese people cry and bury their dead in Beni and Kananga, a handful of bad visibility politicians found no better than to spread to the four winds inflammatory statements mixing provocations, threats and challenges. Monday, August 15, a Kinshasa tabloid did not hesitate to relay its “a” statement of the head of a platform of the opposition claiming the most seriously that failure to convene the electorate the September 19, he and his friends would demand the resignation and arrest of staff of INEC.

One may wonder if this martial terminology is not involved a deliberate intention of killing the Republic especially when the same statement will tote up to challenge a sovereign decision not to extend a visa in favor of an individual foreign national by the Congolese immigration service or worse to question the prerogatives of the Constitutional Court, flogged for uttering a judgment interpretation of the basic Law or the Head of State to whom he is simply denied the right to take the decision to restore normal diplomatic relations with a neighboring state in accordance with its constitutional prerogatives on the ground that his term comes to an end soon. Such practices are unacceptable when at the same time proclaiming his faith in the advent of a democratic state.

This way of saying one thing and its opposite in fact makes a mockery of the people of this country.


Today, more than ever, the inclusive national dialogue suggested by the President of the Republic as a place to break with anything that compromises the reliability and the peaceful nature of our election cycles and tainting them of unspeakable violence finally snatch the consent of all Congolese in good faith.

It is clear that there is a conspiracy against the only rational scheme crisis. Chaos followers are busy in recent months to prevent by all possible means the Congolese to resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue therapeutic.

This diabolical project is to let the situation deteriorate until the opposing clans, not having been able to round the angles time, can compete in a bloodbath that political forces unscrupulous dream of picking up power Supreme in the rubble and chaos caused. Considering the huge opposition protests and the majority at the end of last July, one can easily get an idea of the carnage that could occur if the supporters of the two camps came to fight.

In reality, the Congolese who think like the government that killed over for excessive political ambitions of each other is a death too are more than a majority. Mourning for nearly two decades our people throughout nearly all of its components has decided to spare the nation macabre new episodes by subscribing to the inclusive national political dialogue.

It is unfortunate that some actors among the most famous allow themselves to walk backwards, spitting on dialogue said they were the first to present as the only solution to the problem of elections on the horizon.

Many had trouble understanding the coaster an opposition icon, which had hitherto accustomed us to respect its commitments adamant, compared to all the good dialogue that he repeated to anyone who would listen. Since last week, the investigative press has given us scabrous revelations about a pact between the counter natural leader, however, advocate of non-violence and proponents of chaos scheme which most Congolese are turning away.

Nevertheless, we continue to believe that all Congolese who truly love their country will rally to this ideal, to finish and prioritize the best interests of the nation that rhymes with inclusive national political dialogue, especially after the good offices of the international community, civil society, CENCO.

I’ll finish this communication by a quote I would like, on behalf of the Government, to dedicate fetishists dates; a quote from the teachings of African wisdom as recalled by the great South African leader Nelson Mandela of happy memory: “If you can not run, walk, if you can not walk, crawl but forward” toward peace , concord without which there is no possible development.

Lambert Mende OMALANGA

Minister of Communication and Media

Government spokesman