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Political Combinations of civil society, national and international personalities including messages and statements about the political situation in the DRC have been appreciated by the Congolese.


News compelling, especially in view of the very tense political climate prevailing in the country in view of the September 19, scheduled for convening the electoral body by the Constitution Opinion Echos continues to fulfill its mission to sound out opinion in to know the aspirations of Congolese face this situation which predicts the explosion. How do they judge the Congolese political actors and their positions facing the holding of inclusive national dialogue, statements by civil society organizations and certain national and international personalities.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the political scene remains currently dominated by the back of Etienne Tshisekedi, UDPS historic leader and Chairman of the political grouping called “Rally for Congo” and the various meetings organized first by the Majority presidential power and then by the various platforms of the opposition. The messages to each other and had to deliver to the people and the various political statements are the reference elements qu’Echos Opinion submitted to popular barometer to know how those most concerned, that is, -dire, the Congolese themselves have appreciated.

designer Agent: Echos Opinion

Working hours: from 15 July to 15 August

Technique: Sheets to closed questions

Medium used: Survey conducted by agents of Echos Opinion
Reason: This opinion survey targeted a single goal, that of how the Congolese have received and appreciated the different messages and policies and other statements relating to the political crisis that the country is observed and holding sense of inclusive national dialogue to resolve to avoid the worst.


This work was carried out taking into account the qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Quality: All scientific work requires that we comply with established standards such as quality and quantity. In the present work, all the variables these two aspects were not neglected. Why those related to gender, level of education and stratification by different age groups have been carefully considered in order to obtain results that reflect an objective view of the entire Congolese people.

Parameters considered biased and negative example of tribal affiliations, ethnic, linguistic and provincial were simply dismissed as not to distort the findings.

Quantitative: The sample used a thousand people was considered sufficient to reflect the opinion that the Congolese are about current issues related to the end of the current legislature, respect for the Constitution, breach or slipping reading messages and statements of the political groups, civil society and independent personalities.

Political groupings, civil society and national and top-rated international personalities.

The table below shows, in order, decreasing the names of ten political groupings, civil society and independent personalities that marked the Congolese opinion through messages or statements reflecting their positions on the management the issue related to inclusive national dialogue. Because, remember, this is said by the Congolese dialogue hear prepare subsided after polls arrange to renew the facilitators and members of political institutions already operating or those put in place.

The respondents answered the question: “Which political grouping and civil society and independent personality which has, according to you, sent a message or a statement that you enjoyed about the holding of inclusive national dialogue? ”

It should be noted that each respondent was allowed the opportunity to operate one or more choices, according to his assessment.

Their choice was were met without putting persons split or multiply by the number of choices when counting votes. The number of people who actually participated in the survey did not suffer any variation. However, each score was counted as a voice attributed to the beneficiary.

Chart No. 1
What political grouping or any civil society and independent personality, do you sent a message or a statement that you enjoyed about the holding of inclusive national dialogue?

Collection name

Or personality
votes obtained
Michel Bongongo Ikoli Ndombo (Republican Opposition)
The message of the moral authority of the Republican Opposition, Leon Kengo Wa Dondo condemning the latest posts of the gathering and the qualified majority of inciting violence
Father Leonard Santedi (SG of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo)
For making public the declaration of Catholic Bishops saying willing to continue contacts aimed at bringing the views of each other for holding the National Dialogue only way to avoid violence
Mom Sidikou (head of the UN Mission for Stabilization of Congo)
His invitation to the political actors from different sides of the political spectrum to regroup and act quickly to prevent the current stalemate degenerate into serious crisis that could plunge the country into violence

European Union
Its mobilization to hold the nation dialogue and admonition of the Congolese Government and all the parties concerned to create conditions for its earliest possible start

Presidential majority
For speaking in favor of dialogue and support for its facilitator

Fiyou Ndondoboni (Orange party)
Advocates referral to the Constitutional Court under Article 162 in case the elections will not take place before 19 December to find a violation of Article 73

The Rally of Forces acquired change
He said he was ready to go to dialogue without the current facilitator

Dialogue Support Group
In its goal to start the process of launching the dialogue as soon as possible

Democrats Front
To have asked the Head of State to assume its responsibilities
extra-parliamentary opposition

Suggests the sale of a mining concession for untapped have the financial means to organize elections
Result: 1) The Republican opposition: 87%; 2) the National Episcopal Conference of the DRC: 72%; 3) Mom Sidiku, head of MONUSCO: 70.8%; 4) European Union: 65.7%; 5) Presidential Majority: 57%; 6) Fiyou Ndondoboni (Orange party): 56.5%; 7) the Rally of Forces acquired change: 56%; 8) Support Group dialogue: 55%; 9) Front Democrats: 53.4%; 10) Extra-Parliamentary Opposition: 51.2%

Considering the results obtained, the top of the table is occupied by Michael Bongongo, SG UFC and the Republican opposition. The message of the moral authority of the UFC and the Republican Opposition, Leon Kengo Wa Dondo calling it incitement messages delivered to their activists by the Presidential Majority and Rally of Forces acquired to change occasion of the rallies they held Friday, July 29 for the first and on 31 for the second, while advocating for its share holding of inclusive national dialogue was enjoyed by 87% of the Congolese. It is followed closely by Father Leonardo Santedi, also General Secretary of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo whose message of Bishops willing to continue contacts in order to settle some obstacles that are delaying the inclusive national dialogue has collected 72% . In third place is an international figure in the person of Mother Sidiku, head of the UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) which obtained 70.8% of favorable opinion for its message prompting actors policies from different sides of the political spectrum to regroup and act quickly to prevent the current stalemate degenerate into serious crisis that could plunge the country into violence.

Next comes fourth in the European Union, which declared mobilized to the inclusive national dialogue, urging the Congolese Government and all parties concerned to create conditions for its start as soon as possible. This statement was well received by 65.7%. Fifth place ranking is occupied by the Presidential Majority, which got 57% of positive opinion following the support for the holding of the dialogue and that granted to the facilitator during its meeting of Friday, July 29, 2016.

Mr. Fiyou Ndondoboni, a Congolese politician, party leader Orange fate for her by the incognito for advocating the referral to the Constitutional Court under Article 162 in case the elections will not take place before 19 December to find a violation of Article 73. It collected 56.5% of votes and occupies the 6th place because the Congolese have found its peaceful means of redress. It is followed by lending the Rally of Forces acquired change because 56% of Congolese have appreciated his statement that he was prepared to go without the current dialogue facilitator. It is ranked 7th.

Eighth place went to the support group dialogue, which received 55% of votes cast. This fringe of the Congolese opinion found its target to start as soon as the launch of the dialogue process as a peaceful way able to defuse the current political crisis in the DRC.

At the last position of the ranking is the Democratic Front with 53.4% of votes received. The platform of the Opposition believes that President Joseph Kabila has to assume.

At the bottom of the top-rated picture is the Opposition Extra-parliamentary, which indicated the route by which the Government can meet the necessary means for the organization of elections. The suggestion from the sale of an undeveloped mining concession to gather the financial resources necessary for the organization of elections has received a favorable opinion of 51.2% of national opinion and hoisted him in tenth position.


The sample used in this survey responded positively according to the objective of the present work. The Congolese have willingly submitted to this opinion poll and they freely expressed how they received and appreciated the different messages and statements of opinion by political, civil society and different personalities so that national international.

Depending on the result following the investigation by Echos Opinion, it is easy to see that the Congolese overwhelming majority does not want the political class, civil society and the international community lead to a situation violence. Why messages and statements of moderation were better appreciated.

Politically, it was found that the Opposition Republican who has moral authority to the President of the Senate, the Honourable Léon Kengo Wa Dondo, remains in finding his stance advocating moderation to avoid the worst on the Congolese population . Consistency that allowed him to occupy, almost always the top of the political groupings table, civil society or the top-rated figures in their positions on how to resolve the current political crisis

For its part, opinion Echos has ensured strict compliance with scientific standards required in a work like this in order to avoid errors that the margin should be below 5%. He emphasized that the results of a poll not being freeze data, these vary in grated time and circumstances.

Everything depends on the behavior and attitude of concerned when the investigation unfolds.

Claiming to have accomplished the mission he was assigned, Echos Opinion congratulate those who obtained the favorable opinion of the Congolese and encourages those who have not been part of this classification do their best to won the approval of the Congolese people.