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Once again, the former Togolese Prime makes an appointment with Congolese. The Facilitator Edem Kodjo announced the start of inclusive national political dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Date? He has given item. Only during his press briefing on Friday 19 August, in the Massala room Pullman Grand Hotel in Kinshasa, Edem Kodjo said that it was during this week that the new go will be given at this meeting. What about pre Opposition, including Genval worn by Etienne Tshisekedi? Kodjo says have worked, all recent weeks to address these requirements. And, most important of them were, in his opinion, found answers. Indeed, of the 26 persons on the list of political prisoners and detainees or opinions presented by the Rally Support Group, 24 have been released, he insists. And, in addition, two television channels whose authorship is attributed to some leaders of the opposition, were reopened. Hence, for him, it should start at the earliest, the dialogue. partial response, admittedly. But what position will adopt the lider maximo and the Rally of Forces acquired change the face of this announcement? Will they ship with the facilitator they rejected? If the rally is not therefore Kodjo he will darken without Tshisekedi and others? These issues remain. Decryption!

The machine dialogue launched in over a year, has completely stalled in late July. Reason? Well, the Facilitator found himself stumbled to the requirements of the Opposition Genval with, headlining, Etienne Tshisekedi, president of the committee of wise men of this mega political platform. In the background of this block, included a roster of pre posed by the Sphinx of Limete and his cronies Rally. Three emerged from the crowd. This is the release of political prisoners and detainees or opinions as well as the cessation of harassment against opponents, reopening Media closed because considered too close to the opposition, and finally replacing the facilitator now challenged by a transformation of the support Group facilitation Committee.

The government relaxed

Friday, August 19, 2016, a litany of prisoners regained their freedom. The news was delivered by Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals of the Republic. In the process, the Christopher Ngoy, Fred Bauma, Steve Makwambala and other actors (leaders) or political opinions were freed from the yoke of their captors that they have spent many moons. Some chains televisions also received a pardon from the central executive. This is the CKTV chairman Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo and Canal Futur Kamerhe.

Facilitation calls for dialogue

In an official statement, Kodjo said ” high congratulate Congolese authorities for this gesture that contributes to easing the political climate. The latter is capable, says the facilitator appointed by the African Union, to create conditions for the launch of inclusive national dialogue process ”. It invites ” clase Congolese politics as a whole, to show overshoot and give a chance to the search for a consensual solution to the current situation in the DRC ”. This, according to the Constitution of Congo – Kinshasa at the 2277 UN Resolution, the expectations even of the Congolese people and also of the entire international community. In the momentum of this call, Kodjo said launch this week, the work of the dialogue.

partial satisfaction

Some observers prior Opposition have been met only in part. Kodjo challenged and supported by several international, regional and national, remains in place. During his press conference, he avoided, however, to address this issue. At the end of his recent meeting with CENCO, the man had even said can not consider such a prospect. Furthermore, with regard to prisoners or detainees, not least two were not released. This is Diomi Ndongala Eugene and Jean-Claude Muyambo. These two hawks, adding befits the case Katumbi and others who themselves suffer the hassles due to judicial proceedings. But also, it takes all the other channels and not reopened radios. In that context, many remain skeptical about the actual launch of the dialogue, at least, we must rely on the participation of the Rally and all its attendant political parties and platforms. Although it is worth saying that some members said Rally seem them more moderate and therefore, able to fit into the scheme of immediate dialogue considering that the wear and use the situation advantage in power by bed slip.

Kodjo ready for anything

” We have submitted the list. It is not we who have made the list. It was forwarded to the government. We have omitted anyone. The government has good reasons for not subscribed to free some people, ” argued essentially, the Facilitator. Face any equivocation, he said to just be in the middle facilitate resolution of issues that arise on the path of dialogue. ” As for us, we will find ourselves in the breach to try to solve the problem whatever its complexity ”, says Edem Kodjo.