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During an interview with the info online congolese people of Belgium, Wednesday, 17 August 2016 in Brussels, Paul Kapita Shabangi expressed his disappointment with the statements made in Kinshasa by his former colleagues founders of the udps who claimed Cancel étienne tshisekedi of the direction of the udps.
Having been quoted as being part of the declaration, Paul kapita shabangi held to refocus the things and to remind some historical facts on the history of the udps, that on its relations with Etienne Tshisekedi.
Paul kapita also stated that in 2005, théophile bemba pprd then minister of the interior had given the legal existence to two parties udps: one called Udps-Tshisekedi, and the other udps-Kibassa. This last party is currently a member of the presidential majority.
The Founder Lusanga, kwilu ngiele, signatory of the rant is currently vice-President of the party called Udps-Kibassa, and he seat in parliament as a member of this party.