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To the surprise of everyone, the Governor of Kinshasa, Andre Kimbuta, made the seat movement of Fonus, in the town of Kasavubu to exchange with the delegation of the Rally of political and social forces gained change on the march-rally on 19 September 2016 next. It was on 17 September. Concretely, the big news is that the Rally and Kinshasa have agreed on almost all points. It was an opportunity for the opposition to call for a general mobilization for the success of this great event of September 19, 2016 in Kinshasa and the provinces. At the same time, it asked the Congolese National Police to supervise the population, rather than threaten it. The Governor took from that day, officially act of activity of the opposition whose assembly point is the so-called place of “interchange”. “So the point of the gathering is exchanger, there will be a march to be held exchanger through here (triumphant), Liberation, Kalembelembe, Kabambare, Kasavubu and they’ll get to keep a meeting. After the meeting, there is an opposition delegation which will submit the memo to the CENI. There is no sit-in because they are leaders of the opposition. There are even of Deputies themselves, voted the law, “he said.

Things are going pretty well between the Governor of Kinshasa and the Rally. For, after an exchange of Fonus headquarters, one of the political parties of the opposition, both parties have agreed on the route of the march and rally the opposition. The opposition poses well the question of what explains the movement of the Governor of the city, in the person of Kimbuta the headquarters of a political party in opposition. To this question, the Urban Authority think the explanation is simple. It is then that we can call the local management of the city. Moreover, as Kimbuta think it was a question of a small development today, it was important to come to the opponents to set the rules of the game. Speaking of the meeting, the number I of the city welcomed the exchanges and think there is no problem especially since both parties have agreed. For him, if all conditions are met, there is no reason to deny the opposition a peaceful demonstration. Regarding the change in the sit-in outside the CENI on and meeting the Governor explained by noting that the site of the Central Election is inviolable. According to him, the most important to remember is that the opposition will organize a march, a rally and will file its memo to the CENI.

Reaction Rally

Coaster? The answer is not on the side of the Rally. For the sit-in, the meeting or walking are twins. Olenghankoy Joseph said to the press. To him, indeed, the most important is that the rally told the Governor, the soundness of its approach and it agrees especially that the DRC is not a permission regime, but rather information. It comes to note, he says, and I can say to all of our people that walking will indeed take place. For the Rally, now is the right moment for the people to mobilize in mass to say no to any violation of the Constitution especially for them, what happens to the City of the AU is a great plot against the nation. “If our people is not aware, we will be surprised. We must show the world that we do not want what is happening in the City of the AU, but we want the elections within the constitutional period, “he noted. Speaking in the same vein, Bruno Tshibala, Deputy Secretary General of the UDPS, member of the Rally, the march-rally is the best way to save the Democratic Republic of Congo is at risk.