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After pro-dialogue, pro-Kodjo, Lumuna Ndubu comes today to radicalize vis-à-vis the current format of the political dialogue taking place in the city of the African Union, in Mont Ngaliema. He believes that this forum is not all inclusive. He challenges together Edem Kodjo, the Togolese Facilitator for his “bias” in the conduct of the dialogue process. In this sense there must incorporate political parties conflict with the powers that be, and those who are concerned with elections looming on the horizon. This would avoid any dispute and confrontation. Master would Lumuna although dialogue leading to a political transition that will be led by the Opponent Moses Katumbi to enforce the resolutions of the dialogue.

However, as regards the judgment of the Constitutional Court which gave the Chairman the opportunity to continue to installation of the newly elected President, Mr. Lumuna think this was only delaying and political maneuvers to the purpose of perpetuating the current institutions. For him, the choice of the chairman of the Almighty Mazembe’s clear. “We support Moses Katumbi because he has shown good management in the former province of Katanga. Since everyone is out of scope, and we need national cohesion, it will be the President of the Republic to grant a presidential pardon likely to ensure that Moses no longer in the crosshairs of justice “has he told us.

Faced with all that happens in the Republic, he asked the dialoguers think essentially a transition diagram of whether to preserve the box “Congo” against the burn. To get in, it is still imperative that the Government meet, once again, around a table, political parties, political groupings, the lifeblood of the nation, the government delegates, delegates of the President of the Republic , representatives of women and youth, the real civil society and others so that together we reflect on the real problem which is the “crisis of legitimacy”. It is this new configuration of the transitional government which will organize peaceful elections, transparent and credible. Because it does not up to the institutions outside the mandate to organize themselves, all elections. This approach discredit the elections. Which, in one way or another, will probably cause disputes and rejection of the results of the polls. Thus, to avoid a repeat of the gruesome and fatal events of 2006 and 2011, Lumuna Ndubu suggested a new dialogue to be truly inclusive. For, he went further, one can talk several times. There is no point to run.

According to him, the current dialogue is not carried by the Congolese people. Or, “You have to listen to the people,” he began. So in view of the lack of mutual trust, he suggested that this second dialogue is under the initiative and the mediation of the international community including the UN, the AU, the EU and sub-regional organizations.