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There are about 3,675 agents and state officials previously unpaid whose salary situation has been regularized. This is 1774 agents of Public Health, 1526 Higher and University Education, Scientific Research 120 and 255 of the Primary and Secondary Education. It is the Minister of State for the Budget, Michel Bongongo, who made the announcement on Friday 16 September.

He does not intend to stop there. The agents of mechanization operation will continue in all areas of public administration, he has promised. Right now, hundreds of officers and civil servants parading before the inspectors of the Public Service to identify itself for an effective mechanization, from the month of October, 2016.

Thus, all the Secretaries-General of Public Administration are invited to send not yet identified effective agents of the Civil Service to be considered.

For the Minister of State for the Budget, obviously very pleased with the results of control missions he has deployed in Kinshasa and the provinces, the harvest time has come for the agents and officials who are invested with it.

Indeed, the banking operation of the pay of officials and agents, launched by the Government of the Republic, there are almost 5 years, bears fruit. It is time, says Michel Bongongo, the financial impact is felt socially. Banking services has, moreover, allowed the one hand, to regulate pay and the other to control the wage bill and staffing. It will, however, until July 2015, the Government gives special impetus to this. One thinks here in consolidation process file payroll of Public Service. To do this, Michel Bongongo launched a vast workforce monitoring campaign throughout the national territory.

A few months later, he says the payroll file is more reliable, as savings were realized, which are now used to the mechanization of officers and non-paid civil servants.

The decision to mechanize unpaid workers had been taken at the end of the first phase control to Kinshasa in the Ministries of Health of the EPS-INC / FTE and ESU-RS. Michel Bongongo recognized at its fair value, the contribution of trade unionists whose involvement proved decisive, to dismantle, mercilessly, the criminal networks embedded in the circuit of paying agents and state officials.