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This suggestion comes from the Alliance of Civil Society leaders for concerted action by its moderator, Jean-Marie NTANTU MEY. It is based on relevant analyzes of experts from various backgrounds whose recommendations were cast in the ‘Manifesto for the Hi of the nation’ ‘. Eminent personalities have participated in the development of that which Professor Tshisungu Lubambu. Mr. Abbot José Mpundu, Professor Isidore Ndaywel Enzieme, Jean-Marie NTANTU MEY, Modest Mbonigaba and other illustrious personalities. Beyond a forum to reach a political compromise with the key to a transition befits solve the Congo crisis in the background, hammers, in globo manifest it. In a statement, the platform of civil society exposes the organized series of brainstorming sessions to clear evidence of the need for a republican pact after the political compromise. In the following lines, please soak up its content.


To contribute to the effective organization of a Political Dialogue, National and Inclusive which may also address the needs of people without political ambitions, the actors of the Congolese civil society have multiplied brainstorming sessions around the country. Thus in the capital we have, for example, assisted or participated in the following activities:

A group of intellectuals (Gentlemen Tshivis Tshivuadi Didier Mumengi Modeste Mbonigaba Crispin nn, Ms. Leonie KANDOLO, Marie-Madeleine Kalala, Messrs Norbert Yamba Yamba, Jean-Marie NTANTU MEY, …) published on 27 October 2015, a Manifesto for Hi Nation by a Citizen Dialogue. This document, which we refer our readers, sums up the major problems militating in favor of an economic dialogue and called those who enroll in the long term. The economic problems, we invite the Congolese to reach a “compromise policy” while facing the structural problems, we propose the conclusion of a “National Pact Republican.”
Always concerned with the success of the dialogue, consolidation “Leaders of the Alliance of Civil Society for Concerted Action”, on 13 June 2016 sent a message to the Head of State, the Facilitator, other National Authorities and International Organisations . This message demanded, among others, that the resolutions of this dialogue be known before the end of July 2016 and popularized in time for the easing of the social climate before, during and after the month of December.
Given the persistence of bottlenecks at the initiative of the Congolese Cultural Centre Kiese-MEY, in collaboration with the AMOS group (Abbé José Mpundu) ALMA (Modeste Mbonigaba), IBC (Jean-Marie NTANTU MEY) Professors (Isidore NDAYWEL E’NZIEM and Tshisungu LUBAMBU), Father Daniel Katona, of the Abbe BAGAZA, …, Civil Society was on 15 July, returned to the charge with concrete proposals as the number of 300 delegates to the maximum dialogue, a period not exceeding 30 days, a reasonable motivation of the delegates, a national Co-facilitation with CENCO and ICEM and a layman, a consideration of African expertise and Congolese, etc.

Today, civil society suggests the review and the signing of a National Agreement next to the Republican political compromise to prevent and reduce the political crises that we have experienced to date.

Done at Kinshasa, September 15, 2016


Delegate of the Civil Society

Promoter of the Alliance of Civil Society leaders for concerted actions