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Executives and members UNADEF not took off with what they call the endangerment of the life of their National President, Charles Mwando, following the refusal, they say, the provincial authorities of Tanganyika, in connivance with those of Kinshasa, to see his plane land on Kalemie airport, while the craft had already begun landing maneuvers. While denouncing this act, which is not the first against Charles Mwando, they invite the regime to regroup and to rein in, for the respect of individual and collective freedoms. Below, the entire communication signed by the Deputy Secretary General of this party, Mr. Kakule Adelard Florent.

We members of the National Committee of the UNADEF policy meeting this Monday, September 12, 2016 at the Party national headquarters, declare the following:

The UNADEF condemns, in the strongest terms, the maneuvers orchestrated by the provincial authorities of Tanganyika with the support of national authorities, to prevent the landing of Kalemie CM airliner carrying the Honorable Charles Mwando nsimba, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016.
Indeed, after unsuccessfully attempting, from Lubumbashi to prohibit the boarding of the National UNADEF the President on the ground referred to above, the provincial authorities of Tanganyika have ordered the deployment of large gears on the Kalemie track, when the primer landing maneuvers, thus endangering the lives of the Hon Charles Mwando and other passengers.

This case illustrates once again that the powers that be, strives to systematically violate the country’s laws as well as individual and collective freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

The UNADEF recalls that this is the second time that the National President is prohibited from visiting his electoral stronghold meet its base.
The UNADEF finds, unfortunately, that these actions are likely to scuttle the efforts of the national and international community in the search for policy easing and national cohesion.
The UNADEF called the regime, to regroup and to respect the fundamental law and the laws of the Republic, particularly regarding democratic principles, the status of the political opposition and fundamental freedoms; if necessary the UNADEF urge the Congolese people to take responsibility for enforcing prescribed in our Constitution in all its provisions.

Done at Kinshasa, September 12, 2016

For the Policy Committee UNADEF,

Me Kakule Matembela Adelard-Florent

Deputy General Secretary