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KAMBINGA Germain, Minister of Industry of the DRC, chaired yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2016, a prelude to the meeting of launching a recruitment consultant to study the relevance of the transformation of the REIT’s Industrial Development Bank public Guarantee. This large meeting was held at the Memling hotel in the town of Gombe in Kinshasa. We must therefore say that it is on instruction of the Prime Minister Matata Ponyo and under 28 urgent measures adopted by the Cabinet, that the meeting took place. The Congolese Industry boss is determined to implement all the recommendations of the government and especially the President of the Republic, Head of State, Joseph Kabila.

During an important meeting held yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at the Memling hotel with the Presidency of the Republic, the prime minister, the REIT BCECO and wallet, the Minister of Industry, Germain KAMBINGA has required to implement, rapidly implemented, the 15th measure on the most urgent 28. This, in order to study the relevance of the transformation of the REIT’s Industrial Development Bank and public guarantee. At the rate things are going and whether to count with the determination of the Minister of Industry, the Bank will be operational in two or three years. Explaining the need for this urgent meeting, KAMBINGA Germain spoke as follows: “On the first instruction Minister, Head of Government and pursuant to the 28 measures adopted in the Council of Ministers, urgent measures to allow our country to initiate reforms to the resilience of the public finances and especially to build capacity, we united for the reflections process finalized on the establishment of an industrial investment bank in accordance with the fifteenth integrated measurement within 28 steps. ”

So says the boss of Industry, there was talk in the presence of experts from the prime minister of the Presidency of the Republic and related departments to work with for the next BCECO hiring a consultant who will provide on the table of government, a mature reflection on the modalities for operationalization of the creative process of this industrial investment bank. To believe his words, the machine is harvested, the first step was the meeting, BCECO confections will work on the terms of reference for that in the coming days, a tender was launched and that recruitment can be put to this consultant, technical and impartial manner, on the table of government, the instruments of operationalization process of the creation of this bank. “Looking ahead, we hope to build this bank within two to three years to come, the time to take the steps, first to the establishment of technical records, raising funds for the capital of this bank, but also the implementation of all necessary pairings, “says the Minister.

The motivation of the government

Regarding the motivation of the government, Germain KAMBINGA is categorical: the option is exercised to support the transformation of the Congolese economy. “We are an export economy, this can not continue because it puts us constantly to volatile swings in the international economy. To build resilience, it is necessary for the government to develop instruments capable with even more effectively to address the issue of diversification of our economy. So, the REIT is an existing body already in the DRC and contributing, increasingly and substantially to supporting developmental projects of the Government as Bukanga Lonzo, Congo Airways, … will be confined primarily to this orientation through collection of the tax on the promotion of the industry, “he explained with details. But has he continued in the same way it will be in the implementation strategy, the instrument by which will have to create the industrial investment banking and public guarantees as instructed by the Head of the government.

And the role of the consultant?

The role of the consultant will specifically identify the one hand, a thorough and sharp reflection on the relevance of the process, and secondly, to provide an emergency operational plan for that in a maximum of two to three years this bank is actually operating in the DRC. “So we are right in the implementation of the 15th measures adopted within 28 expensive measures to the President of the Republic, Head of State,” said the boss of Industry Congolese.