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The forces of the Tshangu are angry against Edem Kodjo. These men and women swear by the presence of Mrs. Macherie Batulukisi Nsanga- dialogue. They threaten to reject all resolutions that come out of this forum which has ignored the Tshangu yet considered the most populated district of the capital. In a statement read by Magelan Ntinu, one of them, the forces of the Tshangu ask Macherie Batulukisi to do everything to be the fellow megaphone of the eastern part of the capital in the national dialogue that aims to be inclusive. Furthermore, it should be noted that this is the woman who, through meetings, conferences and meetings, and the door-to-door with a major campaign banners and posters in support, fought to snatch the “yes” of the population of the Tshangu Dialogue. In short, it played a great role in raising awareness of Congolese on dialogue. The Togolese Facilitator, Edem Kodjo, should review its calculations to see how integrating this iron lady in the work of the dialogue. Below is the full statement of the active forces of the Tshangu!


We Forces Vives of Tshangu, gathered around Batulukisi Nsanga- Macherie, have been sensitized and mobilized for Dialogue. Initially, we were not favorable at this meeting. Macherie Batulukisi has striven to explain the merits of this Forum. She gave us all the guarantees proving that the national and inclusive political dialogue convened by the Head of State His Excellency Joseph Kabila Kabange, is the only way that can allow our beloved country to have a peaceful electoral process and avoid crisis that might ensue. Popular meetings on football fields in meetings and conferences in VIP rooms through several door-to-door activities and a wide campaign with banners and posters in support, Macherie Batulukisi fought for conquer our “yes” to dialogue. Tshangu, deemed hostile to the regime, died. We finally accepted the dialogue under the facilitation of Togolese Edem Kodjo appointed by the African Union.

We, gardening, garbage collectors, road workers, small traders, vendors of water bag, chayeurs, moms bipupula short, all the humble people whose strengths contribute to the improvement of living standards in the Tshangu, having followed with great interest the work of the preparatory Committee Beatrice Hotel and those of the Dialogue to speak to the City of the African Union, make the following declaration:

-This Is done without us is against us;

-No One else can speak better to us than ourselves;

-Demandons To Macherie Batulukisi, because it makes us accept the Dialogue, to do everything possible to be our megaphone at this meeting otherwise we will not be concerned with all resolutions and recommendations of the Forum and will bear all the consequences;

-With Our level, very soon, we will file a memorandum to the President of the Commission of the African Union through its representation in Kinshasa to protest against our unrepresentative.