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A mass in memory of the Honorable Charles Mwando Nsimba was said on Friday, December 16, 2016 at 7 pm, in his Residence of Binza Pigeon in Ngaliema Commune, in the presence of several personalities, friends, acquaintances and relatives.

In homily, the Franciscan priest, the official of the day, praised the moral and Christian qualities of the illustrious disappeared, who was an exemplary Catholic fervent. He made a testimony that went in the direction of good because in his lifetime he was enthusiastic about serving God. He died while the country is seeking the peace that Jesus Christ Himself came to proclaim. He evoked the various works he did for the Lord.

He said that Charles Mwando Nsimba was a defender of Christian and moral values wherever he had the opportunity. For him, Charles Mwando Nsimba has recovered the peace he has always sought.