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As every December 28, Honelex 61 honors the memory of Patrice Emery Lumumba and remembers its very first popular meeting organized in Leopoldville. Jean-Paul Kasende has included this date in his agenda since Fr. Lumumba bequeathed to the youth and politicians this important message. Indeed, on 28 December 1958 the first meeting of the Congolese National Movement was held in Leopoldville. It was based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and set itself three priority objectives: Accelerating the “democratization” of the institutions of the Belgian Congo; Independence and opposition to any form of partition of the Congo.

Thus, each year, the initiator of Honelex61 pays tribute and reminds the Congolese what the National Hero’s struggle was. Today, in the columns of your daily newspaper, Prosperity, he returns to this episode of truth. Lumumba challenged the Congolese on their future and called them to share with courage and lucidity the hopes about their history and their past. It is the best meeting of the political life of PE Lumumba which gave the impetus of its speech of June 30, 1960. It is time that the Congolese of the center and the interior make known to the world that they do not Are in no way divided but united for the same and just cause “.

On this historic occasion, Lumumba had given a faithful and authentic account of the work of the Conference of the Rally of African Peoples in which he had taken part, first and then he had set out the program of action of the National Congolese Movement, A typically African inspiration whose fundamental goal was the liberation of the Congolese people from the colonial regime and its attainment of independence. “We fight for truth and justice. This truth will triumph, even if it is trampled today, ‘said Lumumba.

Honelex 61 pays tribute to this monument of Congolese politics and invites the Congolese to become aware of the political commitment taken by P-E Lumumba. He wished that the youth could take cognizance of this meeting of 28 December 1958 which, moreover, gave the decisive points to the Congolese not to give up arms against the neocolonialism. To the youth, Lumumba knew that she should live the darkest moment in relation to colonization which was more tender than neocolonialism. Lumumba call on young people to be united and not to follow the messages of politicians. ” Youth leagues in political parties are political militias ”. If the youth read this message from Lumumba, it will not be able to follow the wicked politicians but, rather, engage in a nationalist vision. This message, he said, was also addressed to the Congolese to prepare for independence and so that the Congo could not sink into tribal divisions, as we see to this day.

He thinks that the political class remembers the content of the meeting to understand that 58 years later it is still in dialogue at the Interdiocesan Center in Kinshasa to solve a problem that P. Lumumba warned in his time. His message reproaches the contrary actions of the political leaders with regard to the first historic meeting of Lumumba of December 28, 1958. ” If people had really internalized this discourse, we could have avoided the DRC what we know today, Hui. The proof is that in dialogue there is only one religious denomination that leads the dialogue “. The political parties are more tribalized than in 1960: “In our action for the conquest of the independence of the Congo, which we want totally, we have never ceased to proclaim that we were against no one but against the Domination, injustice and abuse and that we simply want to free ourselves from the hindrances of colonialism with all its consequences “.
P. Lumumba demonstrates that despite our independence, the Congolese must put the interest of the Nation first. According to JP Kasende, Lumumba is a hero but we do not practice his ideology because we live in moments of fear. “It was a motivational meeting, Fr. Lumumba gave a boost of courage to politicians to engage and confront colonization.” He declares that “The Congolese State will be based on the Equality, Solidarity and Fraternity of all Congolese. This is why our Movement will always oppose, with all its strength, the balkanization of the national territory under any pretext whatsoever. Ladies and gentlemen, all the forces of the country must be mobilized to participate in the achievement of the objectives we have just defined for the well-being of all.

For this circumstance as a tribute to Patrice-Emery Lumumba, Honelex61 observed a pious thought on the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of widow Marie Opango Pauline who died two years ago on December 23, 2014.

And to J.P. Kasende to add: “To be a Lumumbist is to bring the social to the Congolese population. Patrice-Emery Lumumba sacrificed his life for the Congo. If he returned to life, he could thank those who fought him to the death because there are some who up to this day prove that they are anti-Lumumba. On the other hand, those who call themselves Lumumbists would disappoint him because they never showed themselves to his enemies whom they loved Lumumba. If they loved Lumumba, they would, by their behavior, lead our country on the road to a great and beautiful country dreamed by P. Lumumba. A great nation is the one that gives birth to a great man, “he said.

Peter Tshibangu