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Gaston Musemena Bongala, Minister of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education, held a meeting with his colleague in charge of Vocational Training, Crafts and Crafts Guy Mikulu.

The purpose of the exchanges between the two ministers was to harmonize views on the responsibilities of their respective ministries. Especially since the Ministry of Epsp, now headed by Gaston Musemena Bongala, recovers the technical and vocational education which, in the Matata government, was a full ministry. While the new portfolio headed by Guy Mikulu, guards and manages vocational training, different from vocational education. Harmonization of the views necessary in the eyes of two members of the government, moreover, National Deputies and Members of the same political family, the Presidential Majority, who logically defend the vision of the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange.

The challenge of the interviews between Gaston Musemena Bongala of Epsp and Guy Mikulu of Vocational Training, Crafts and Crafts expanded to the Directors of Cabinets of two ministers is to avoid confusion in terms of their attributions.

This, pending the promulgation in the next few days, of the presidential order assigning the ministries.

Gaston Musemena Bongala, PPRD executive, twice elected to the National Assembly, succeeds Maker Mwangu who broke the record of longevity in the government. The new minister intends to focus his mandate on continuity, preservation of achievements, innovation and improvement, if there are difficulties