Far from the blessed land of its ancestors, thousands of kilometers from Kinshasa, the capital of the DR. Congo, the former Prime Minister Samy Badibanga Ntita holds, mordicus, to influence the Congolese political scene. “I do not think that we can finish the enrolment and that the electoral roll is ready by the end of July 2017. I do not think, either, that we can organise the elections in the DRC without the Kasaï, “He said, in a sound element posted on the Jeune Afrique weekly. Samy Badibanga Ntita thus joins his voice to that of all those in the country or elsewhere who are of the opinion that elections for elections would lead to the erosion of consensus and thus to disaster and debacle.

Kasai, the bastion ...

Should the political class stop for a moment and think again and again about what should be done to save the country and safeguard social peace? What then? Are we going to a third dialogue, after the first two that have been organized at the City of the African Union in Mont-Ngaliema and the Interdiocesan Center, under the auspices of the Gombe Bishops? Badibanga does not extend there. Nevertheless, it maintains that the Agreement of 18 October 2016 made it possible to institute the transition to elections at the end of April 2018. However, this process was interrupted by the signing of a new agreement on 31 December 2016 If the date of the elections is to be mentioned, it recalls that the latter agreement sets the deadline at the end of December 2017. Even if one were wrong, with the situation in the Kasai which, , The center of the country and, even, the stronghold of the Opposition.

Proposal Opposition

However, beyond his few months of lease at the Hotel du Gouvernement, he still conceives himself as an opponent. In clear and clear words, Badibanga believes in it, hard as iron. “I’m still from the Opposition. Except that I do not make the Opposition to oppose everything, against and against everything. I make the opposition of proposal to go, precisely, to elections so much sought by all, “he affirms. He also draws up a positive assessment of his brief passage at the head of the Government.


It is, of course, set back. But, not in retirement. There is a time for everything, said Ecclesiastes. In order to recover his health and, above all, to re-evaluate his strategies and make new contacts, Samy Badibanga, who was appointed Prime Minister on 17 November 2016 and pushed to resign on 7 April 2017, His pedestal to Bruno Tshibala, got to business, too, on the same day, made an eclipse on the political agora.

Very soon, in the next season of September 2017, he will be there, in his usual hemicycle, in the small chamber of the Parliament, to continue his fight in the service of his electors of Mont-Amba, his Parliamentary Group Udps & Allies, The Grand Kasai area and, to a large extent, R & D. Congo.

Call for Progressives

Currently, he is touring Europe and the United States. In Washington, he met with Republican Senator Jim Inhofe as well as Stephanie Sullivan, former Ambassador to Congo-Brazza, who is Assistant Secretary of the Office of African Affairs in the State Department. Finally, it is preparing to launch a political “stream” called “The Progressives”; A machine designed to bring together various political parties and personalities under the banner of a new vision for the conquest of power in the next elections and the concentration of democratic alternation.