Congo RDC Congo DRC Must end Repression Against political opponents Reply To: Congo DRC Must end Repression Against political opponents


For this platform of the opposition led by its coordinator Lisange Bonganga, trade with Corneille Nangaa were responsible, and an appointment is made to formulate proposals!
The officers and the Plenary Assembly of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), headed by its president Cornelius Nangaa, continuing their consultations with stakeholders in the Congolese electoral process. It is in this framework that they exchanged yesterday Friday, February 25, with the “People’s Front”, one of the platforms of the opposition, on the condition of the electoral process in the country.
“The allies of Etienne Tshisekedi,” which form the “People’s Front”, invited on this occasion, the CENI to respect constitutional deadlines, although through the coordinator Jean-Pierre Lisanga Bonganga, they qualified the maintenance charge between the two parties.
The coordinator of the “People’s Front” has especially invited the president of the CENI “not to enter political debates” before supporting its platform holds a “consensual electoral calendar.”
For his part, the president of the CENI retracted what he had said in the political structures of the opposition and the majority, as well as civil society, traditional leaders and members of provincial institutions Kinshasa (provincial government and provincial assembly) on the condition of the electoral process.
Corneille Nangaa, can not meet the constitutional deadline and go to elections without having a voter registration. However, there is a complex process to achieve this important document containing all voters, allowing the elections.
It is this technical aspect that he presented to Etienne Tshisekedi allies. He hoped that the opposition and the majority throw an option on policy issues facing the CENI before moving forward with the electoral process, which not only slow to start, but also knows serious financial difficulties.
The two sides agreed to meet you in the next few days for this platform makes proposals to the INEC to allow the evolution of the electoral process.