Congo RDC Congo DRC Must end Repression Against political opponents Reply To: Congo DRC Must end Repression Against political opponents


Pressed from within and outside the ruling majority has had to return to reason leaving flexibility to the CENI to organize the election of provincial governors. This was applauded in so far as this attitude tended to correct the odd which was the appointment, in violation of the laws and the Constitution, the famous special commissioners at the head of the provinces from cutting.
This shift will have been of short duration; you might say: “chase the natural change their spots.” A few weeks after the publication by the CENI of the timetable for the elections, the MP was quick to take his skin ruthless beast. Elf comes to provide evidence that it will never let things go normally, that is to say according to democratic rules.
Sources generally well informed, he is back as MP decided grab all provincial governorships. Knowing in poor vis-à-vis its electorate posture about broken promises, she has no choice but to resort to unconventional methods. Enjoying its influence on institutions, it is proposed to exclude from the race all the candidates of the Opposition and the like. Those candidates close to the former MP is placed obliged to pledge allegiance to the head of state and his political family. This is the case, in particular, members of the MP candidates who continued to declare itself independent. Among the targets include former provincial governors, provincial ministers and their aides.
In a democracy, this practice is referred to by the term discrimination, political intolerance. “All those who are not with us will be excluded from the race,” said an officer of the MP adding that the CENI has been instructed to find a formula to invalidate all independent candidates whose control eludes them. Corneille Nangaa who had called at the end of pressure on his institution is taken literally. Where is his independence he who had hastened to declare that: “Whether it is the government, be it political parties, leave us alone. Whether it’s partners, leave the INEC because it has a constitutional mandate. ” The president of the CENI is taken in this case in its own trap.
Quid? Independent candidates do not reassure related to the vision of PD. It would be superfluous to return to this vision as communicators of the MP were égosillés in the media to justify the shift of the electoral calendar. This is the principle of “I am and I remain” that gives no space to adversaries, and that the DRC is a democratic state in its constitutional foundations!
What will happen on February 28? The question on everyone’s lips. Candidates governors who will be eliminated with the help of the CENI will they let it go and accept, once again, the arbitrary? Hard to say. However, some were of the opinion that it is time that the calls of the international community will produce fruit in the head of the MP that discomfort is more show its intentions to crisscross the entire country and kick ass, even block everything, otherwise.
The Secretary General of the United Nations had called on all parties to move the dialogue inclusive said should swallow his words. For one party, in this case the MP does not give signals that would encourage reconciliation between all parties to reach consensus as required and recommended by the international community for a peaceful electoral process and realized within the constitutional time.
Ban Ki-moon will he not realize Fa bad faith MP rowing against the tide and is obsessed with his desire to re-enlist at all costs? He should understand that he was swallowing snakes and its recommendation on the holding of the dialogue will not give the expected results.
The MP seems brigaded a logic that is not ready to stop. A logical, after all, is suicidal and that far from promoting national cohesion, successful projects provided training for the country’s development.
To recall, the election of provincial governors was originally scheduled for August 31, 2015. For reasons specific to the CENI, she was sent to 6 October 2015 before being postponed indefinitely. Finally, it is February 10, 2016 that the CENI was able to announce the election of governors and vice-governors of province for 26 March.