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The Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) have dislodged the FDLR rebels in several localities of Walikale and Lubero territories including Buleusa, Rusamambo, Mizinga, Rusoha and around, following the operations launched for one week in this country.

The spokesman Sokola 2 operations in North Kivu, Captain William Ndjike Kaiko has delivered this assessment, Sunday, Jan. 31.

“All these strongholds have fallen into the hands of the FARDC and are under control. The population needed his weapon and what has been done. The FARDC are there constantly to meet the expectations of our people, “he assured.

The commander of the operation 2 Sokola also said the army killed two Rwandan rebels and captured many others before some FDLR surrender.

Captain William Ndjike says FARDC recovered firearms after these clashes.

FDLR rebels commit various atrocities against civilians in this part of North Kivu.

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These Rwandan fighters kidnapped on 26 January 2015, fifty families in the locality of Bushalingwa in Ikobo group, straddling the territories of Lubero and Walikale (North Kivu).

According to the Luofu civil society that had given this information, these Rwandan combatants had taken these households to an unknown destination after burning their homes.

The same source indicates that these fighters occupied the village of Bushalingwa since October, 2015.