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Congolese Foundation for the Promotion of Human Rights and Peace (FOCDP) launched Saturday 27 February, an extension campaign of civil and political rights in secondary schools in Kisangani (Tshopo).

This campaign aims to get students to change mentality, emphasized, André Kito, President of the National Executive FOCDP.

For André Kito, young people must change their mindset to “have a culture of respect for human rights, respects human dignity in their society and culture, working for the development of their city.”

Fifteen conventionnées and private schools in the city are targeted to first, under five secondary schools every weekend. The campaign will run until 23 March.

For the first day, 77 students from 16 to 18 years of the Catholic Institute of Maendeleo network were sensitized on the articles of the constitution of the DRC who speak of civic rights.

“We said we have the right to study, to justice, to life, freedoms and walk,” Hope restored Amundala, student scientific fifth.