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Hippos, become numerous on the Ubangi river, threatening the populations of villages and settlements located along this river, in territory Mobayi-Mbongo (Nord-Ubangi District).

The provincial civil society delivered this information Sunday February 28 at Radio Okapi.

This structure indicates that a hippopotamus had killed it a week ago, a young man who was fishing at the height of the village Gbiaka, about fifty km from Gbadolite.

This created panic in this town and in the camps, where residents now fear fish on the Ubangi River.

The president of the Civil Society of Nord-Ubangi District, Taylor Taima, asks the authorities to take steps to stem these hippos and secure the population of this part of the Nord-Ubangi District:

“I launch a cry of alarm in the place of the authorities. I know it is a protected species but I think the man is worth more than the hippopotamus. Therefore, I ask the authorities to take steps to discharge these hippos worry if they attack people. This delicate situation demands that we can take draconian measures against these hippos. ”

Taylor Taima has also considered it necessary that these animals are suppressed to enable people -which basically live off fishing and Farmer Field to live in peace.