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Press Review of Monday, 29 February 2016 the newspapers parut in Kinshasa are back on the electoral process, the major issues that are waiting for the Democratic Republic of the congo in the month of March and the launch of the government programme to combat unemployment Young graduates. Prosperity is the month of March a month of major issues for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For the newspaper, the national political dialogue, the agreement, the electoral process, the fixing of Jean-Pierre Bemba on his fate to the ICC will animate this month in the DRC. The Parliamentary ad back burst with the duplication of parties, shows the daily. ” it is, in principle, at the beginning of the moisque the security council of the united nations considered the report of ban ki-moon onthe socio-political situation of the country. On this occasion, the security council should take a new resolution to renew, a year, the mandate of the monusco. Resolution 2211, taken in 2015, recommended the holding of a political dialogue in the drc, which would bring together around a table, the government, the opposition as well as the partners in the elections “, Bring the daily. The Parliamentary back, recalls the prosperity, is fixed at 15 March 2016. ” since the duplication of parties dug7, exclusions and sanctions, the crossing of some senior managers of the majority in the opposition, it’s for the first time that the National Assembly, as an institution, has to face this situation “, Notes the everyday. In The Senate, reveals the paper, we announced changes to the office. In the entourage of President of the Senate, there are fears of cheap shots, since certain political forces are talking about the possibility of an interim presidency. All these facts are daily to believe that the month of marssera a month hot. The Lighthouse Relays the call made by the president of the ceni who puts the government and the partners, with whom they have assessed the level of preparations for the operation of revision of the electoral register, in front of their responsibilities. Corneille Nangaa invites the partners to the electoral process to mobilize the logistical, financial and human necessary throughout the project to support the electoral cycle of the DRC. The future for its part gives an account of the official launch, by the government, of the employment programme-Graduate. This programme, indicates the daily, is intended for young graduates of universities and colleges without professional experience. These will be “Misen immersion” in the world of work, with the possibility of signing a contract of employment after concluding professional internship, explains the newspaper. The Employment Programme-Graduate, pointed out the paper, is a response to employers, which require a few years of professional experience to young graduates, job seekers before hiring. Now, it’s the future, with the assistance of the national office of employment (Onem) who executes this programme, there will be some trainees who will be monitored by the government. Forum of have said that the African Development Bank (Afdb) Finance the project to the tune of $ 10 million for the six fourmonths. The beneficiaries of this programme will be both trained and learn in a practical way thanks to grants awarded by being directly on the ground. For six months, specifies the daily newspaper, the young people in training will be supervised by the managers of onem which will try to take advantage of their potential and develop their professional skills. The Congolese News Agency (ACP) is back on the official visit of Joseph Kabila in congo brazzaville this weekend and pointed out that in the final communiqué, the two heads of state have expressed their concern about the situation, especially in the eastern part of the DRC, Burundi, Central African Republic. They expressed the need for an inter-burundian dialogue. The future is devoting some of its pages to the death of Congressman Christian badibangi anu webe, head of the political party of the opposition, Socialist Union Congolaise (USC), Who took an active part in the talks between the government of Kinshasa and ex-M23 Rebels in kampala, Uganda, death occurred on Friday 27 February, at the age of 63 years as a result of a long illness at the centre hospitalier monkole In Kinshasa. The daily recalls that the elected from the territory of dimbelenge was the second vice-Chairman of the committee on administrative and legal policy of the National Assembly.