Congo RDC Colombia Today Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People’s Army Reply To: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People’s Army


“Slavery is the daughter of darkness,
an ignorant people is the blind instrument of its own destruction ”
Simon Bolivar

We attach importance to the issue of education of men and women as an inalienable right, fundamental to the achievement of freedom link, would be totally contradictory to our ideological principles do not create the conditions that enable overcoming poverty.

And it is that education is one of the major social policy gaps in the current system, in which everything stays in formalisms in bills on constitutional norms in ads that do not transcend the real problem, which alienates our country of all national project to allow all nationals participate in the historical development of his people from the justness that can give knowledge.

It is known that for the existence of prosperous, developed nations, education acquires a strategic connotation, since the corresponding execution of this permit shed light to the men and women of their role in society at individual and collective level, how healthy and of undue for the welfare of all, for the sovereignty of peoples. In this regard highlights the obviousness of the educational model implemented by the current economic system; of ignorance, because its dynamics develop fully without an educated, critical, reflective and thinking, you know you are entitled to and it will be easy subject of domination.

Our efforts to guerrillas and guerrilla organization learn to read and write are imperative to start their ideological and political training to enable them to understand the reasons why it is struggling to achieve this type of analysis and understanding is needed to study. In our ranks come illiterate fighters, others who have just completed the first year, others a little more, some with all high school and college.

That’s why in our regulations and disciplinary rules is established that one of the requirements to be commander is to read and write at least.

I remember in San Vicente del Caguan dialogues during the time building roads, schools are divided, meet the numbers of people who came to talk to the insurgency. During this hectic period an ambitious project to train bachelors and raise the academic level of the guerrillerada came forward, it was a very large and valuable school, another dream cut short by the war, many of those future cadres died in the war, but our emphasis is inane and training projects fighter have not ceased and in camps in the middle of the capsizing of public order there is always a corner to teach the fighter to read, write, because our goal is not war the contrary is building a country for everyone.

Within the work plans of each of the units that make up our organization from the blocks to the UTC (combat tactics Units) are educational programs to be developed for certain periods for the general plan, these programs are organized around content aimed at overcoming each of the guerrillas, so as in our camps in the agenda previously agreed by the corresponding command includes a space to carry out the curriculum which covers literacy, reading comprehension, geography , history, culture, mathematics in the attempt if a little precarious resources (due to war conditions) but full of will and effort to enrich arguments for the fight.