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Letter with nostalgia and hope

There are letters that are written with the certainty that will never be read by the person to whom it is addressed, this is one of them. However I write only to bring to present your thoughts and forecasts of more than 5 years. Here I am, in Havana, in the peace process which you spoke with such certainty; as you said, he would at some point in national political life and development of the revolutionary process.

You were right again, is being made abroad. I remember doing jokes with your visionary thoughts, you said that the development of the conflict was for peace negotiations, but that would be abroad, because in Colombia were not given the security conditions and sufficient guarantees, unless will clear another territory as Caguan and yourself you answeredst “will be on the outside, it will not be in Colombia”. The funniest thing was that in your analysis, I say more emotional than political, I would be in that process.

That always kept repeating in each gear, in anodyne conversations strike up in moments of rest, “you will, and I as his assistant also !, work hard, like here, like all the work we’ve done these years achieve the changes we long for, only that otherwise, you will see “. And the other guerrilla fighters and you went along.

So here I am, trying to make the most of, along with other comrades, men and women of the delegation, on this task entrusted with the weight of the responsibility to explore these new roads.

These days we are in pedagogy of peace in the camps, thinking about it, I can not help but imagine what it would be our meeting, if you were there, how much boundless joy !, and you, “I told Comrade, I told” . Also to tell you that this time has not been easy, there are many crises we have had to overcome, there are many difficulties encountered, many enemies of peace, and a counterpart who wants a peace without changing anything, without changing the conditions of inequality that have generated so much violence.

All this, Laurita of my soul, I’d have been able to share with you in these times, every expectation of what is to happen, of infinite hope that this time is final peace with social justice, to hear your thoughts visionary utopias loaded with your love for the people, for your daughter, for your colleagues, share your perennial joy, your optimism in some future.

Do not worry, the girls in the camps are opinionated, studying and curucuteando the roots of revolutionary thought we feed our daily practice, to give substance to these female voices with our colleagues and other women and men from Colombia build this dream this utopia.

I forgot to tell you that three years in Havana, of intense work every day, many early mornings and sleepless nights to catch up the debate and to contribute in this task entrusted to us, I have identified as the most beautiful month, more enjoyable, February: on the island runs a gentle breeze, is very cool, no heat, even a bit like those clear, beautiful day in the mountains, really is adorable.

Finally my beautiful girl, I can promise you two things: one, that if peace is signed, I’ll find Marita, I speak to you, knowing that she reminds you, I’ll tell you how much love you had for it, how much we love each and all, how much love I have for her, and how much pride I feel it is your daughter, daughter fariana whole family. And the other thing, dear Laura, is that we will pick that beautiful mountain that gave you shelter during this time, so you have a grave and where we can talk about your memories, your smile. We will bring this to you and to other comrades and that this war has taken away, that I promise you.

By Victoria Sandino Palmera, Peace Delegation FARC-EP