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With some hints of light provided by the moon this warm night of the savannas of Yari, I would refer to what for me means our vision of gender, ie the idea that reality has shown me fariana. To begin with I must say this perception have not only a woman, but for being revolutionary. Being proletarian.

This is the starting point, talk about the double exploitation of women is the development of feminism from the class struggle, is talking about the liberation of women with a deep and fierce conception of class against capitalism and what this imposes not only to women but to the exploited classes; and which necessarily budgeted changes are not only vindictive, short-term but especially long-term: in socialism.

Discrimination, exclusion, invisibility to women not born in capitalism there are deepened, basically because the woman ceases to be a producing more consumer goods as it was in feudalism, in the artisan workshop of his house where at the same time taking care of her and of all its inhabitants; to become simple “housewife” without be appraised in its immense dimension this work, actually a large proportion of surplus value is extracted from the work of housewives increased with those at the same time have the need to work for whatever reasons.

However the problem does not end there, because the fetishism of capitalism itself turns women into a commodity to be bought or sold, the valued so they can offer to their sex. In addition also it plays an extremely important role for capital: they are the main consumers, and are taken into account to the extent that it is they who decide what to buy at home.

All these understanding them conditions in a long and dynamic process has created and strengthened an androcentric and patriarchal culture that not only takes the bourgeoisie but transcends hegemonic way to alienate a large part of society, convincing the normality of oppression, exclusion, denigration of women.

Even we can say that some proletarian comrades were convinced the story of “being standard” and participate and promote this situation, knowing that they too this phenomenon deeply affected, since the schemes dominant male that requires this culture puts on extremely strong internal conflicts that paints them as a being that can not really exist, besides denying many human feelings that disguise the myth of the weak-strong sex.

-just Fellow proletarians are many breeders of machismo and meekly assume the role of “adjective” relative to the other sex. This is the phenomenon of alienation that allows both men and women show selfless struggle for women’s liberation that definitely is not only women but provides gender equality in which both parties will benefit.

The revolutionaries also have the moral duty to mobilize awareness of social and gender equality, we have an unspoken commitment to all the struggles, it is not approach them from a formal point of view, but that commitment imposes a thorough analysis of the phenomenon, compromising it from and with short-term changes but strategically directing our conception of class and our vision of society.

-Indiscutiblemente The struggles of women, popular and social organizations, sexual diversity, of different sectors consistent with gender equity, they have carved out a long way; but seeds, fertilizers, provided by the diversity of opinions, healthy debate and especially the praxis, will empower this work.

If men and women act in line with a clearly defined vision, not only will soon harvest but of unquestionable quality and equal assume the challenges of the new society.

By Sarah Moon Nariño, Peace Delegation FARC-EP