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Abbot Gaby José advocates peace and the search for the common good

Like the father of the Catholic Church of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa, who in his Christmas exhortation invites the Congolese to demolish the old demon of the division and Of the killings, Abbé Gaby José, in his turn, looked to the same meaning, a message of peace and the search for the common good, to all Congolese so that this country, which is a blessed gift of God is moving forward.

On the sidelines of Christmas Eve, on December 24, 2016, this vicar of the Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish, Abbé Gaby José speaks of a great mystery, the celebration of the nativity of Christ around which God, Man wants to live with him by bringing peace. This mystery, he continued, incarnates every Congolese God’s greatness to unite in his divinity.

Moreover, faced with the misery of the population, the various tribulations, the political crisis, the inability of the political class to expect and the dark future of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the man of God , Wants policy to be truly a service-based ideal. Politics must be an art, to make the beneficiaries of the population happy.

But beyond that, insists the Abbot, it is not because there is no war or crackling of bullets that there is really peace. It’s irrational! For, he says, peace is above all an inner attitude, a quietude that everyone has, to live quietly at home and make sure of the better tomorrow. It is when every people is assured of the security, legal, social guarantees … in short, of the common good we can speak of a real and effective peace.

Prosperity: Monsieur l’Abbé, today is Christmas, the feast of the birth of Christ and peace. Emmanuel, God among men. What sense do you give to a celebration that is celebrated while peace is moving away from the Congolese more and more?

Rev. Gaby José: Thank you very much for your question on Christmas. First, the meaning we give it is the celebration of a great mystery. It is the incarnation of God that approaches man, who comes to live with man as we say, Emmanuel. It is embodied in us. It takes our nature so that we take its greatness and we unite to its divinity. It is God who comes into us. It is the very one that was announced since the Old Testament by the prophets. He comes like a prince to bring peace. It is peace, as the documents of the Church say. It is not because there is no war that there is peace. It is not because there is the absence of crackling of balls that there is peace. But, peace, it is first of all an inner attitude, the quietude that everyone has, to live quietly, calmly at home. Peace is also to be sure of the morrow. Be sure of today. Peace also means finding what is needed. For example, for one who works, he is in peace when he receives his salary. He who is hungry has peace when he finds food, when he is not abandoned, when he is reinstated in society. This is the peace Jesus gives us. As he himself has said, he does not give peace in the manner of men. For example, a peace at the end of the canon but, as he knows and wants. A peace that brings tranquility and tranquility to the hearts of men.

Pros: Can you reassure the faithful of the parish of Saint Vincent de Paul in particular and all Congolese in general that the peace that Christ brings can be beneficial to everyone and the entire nation?

A.G.J: Yes. This peace, as Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo says in his exhortation, Christ is for all. There is not someone who is put aside. This peace is for everyone. But each one accepts Christ. In the narrative of the gospel we have just heard, wherever Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, there was no place for them. That’s when they went to the stable. This peace must be accepted. For, the fact of already closing our hearts, what we close our hearts to welcome Christ. We celebrate Christmas in the manger. Yes, that’s fine, but the real crib is the heart. When we accept it to be born in our hearts, it sows this peace in our hearts. He makes this peace grow in our hearts. If each one of us accepts Christ to bring peace into his heart, we will open all the doors of houses and plots so that we may be able to respond to this peace. This peace of Christ is for everyone and even the Congolese can benefit from it.

The Pros. An appeal to politicians so that they too are able to bring peace in their discussions and transcend their differences?

A.G.J: Most often unfortunately, when talking politics, it is considered a lie. Politics is the place of great charity. Politics is that which is at the service of others. Politics is an ideal, then an ideal of service. Every policy is based on service, the search for the common good. One can not demonize politics only because of certain abuses. But it is a great service to make the beneficiaries of the population happy. Because this service to the people is to provide them with security, judicial and social guarantees.

Interview by Eugène Khonde