Congo RDC Combating the spread of cholera in Katanga


Katanga Félicien
The Special Commissioner of Haut-Katanga, Katanga Félicien, called the inhabitants of the city of Lubumbashi and its surroundings in respect of hygiene measures to combat the spread of cholera. During a press conference he held Friday, April 15, he said that since its appearance, the disease has claimed several lives.

According to him, it is important at this stage, that the public be informed about this disease prevention. More than 60 cases of cholera were recorded in ten days.

He invited the population of Lubumbashi to wash hands with soap or ash before eating, breastfeeding a baby or preparing food, or after using the toilet, changing a baby’s diapers or after touching sick or have been in contact with the stool, vomiting or his clothes.

Felicien Katanga also called the people of Lubumbashi do not defecate in nature and watercourses and to use latrines.

“Never empty your septic tanks rainwater or rivers, clean latrines daily with bleach and ash. You need to consume food warm or reheat before eating, well cover food to prevent contamination by flies and cockroaches, “he said.

The special commissioner also recommended the consumption of boiled water or treated and washing fruits that are eaten raw.

Felicien Katanga also reminds the administration that the medical management of cholera patients is free in cholera treatment centers situated in public Katuba and Kenya.