Dialogue or not in the DRC

Recently released after being arrested during the demonstrations on December 19 and 20, Constant Mutamba maintains his marks. For the president of the New Generation for the Emergence of Congo -NOGEC-, Joseph Kabila is the author of the crisis that rages in the country. Therefore, notwithstanding the dialogue of the Interdiocesan Center, it should leave power to allow the Congolese people to live, for the first time, an alternation without controversy, peaceful and democratic. Hence, he relaunched Operation “Sifflet” to signify the end of the presidential mandate as of December 19, 2016 at 23 hours 59 ’59’ ‘.

NOGEC is a pro-democracy citizen movement. For Constant Mutamba, the true democracy of a country is proved not only by a broad freedom of expression but also by a peaceful passing of power at the top of the state. As a result, according to the statements of this great pro-democracy fighter, it appears that the ultimate step, which can undoubtedly be to award R & D. Congo in the pantheon of the great nations, apart from its development, would indeed be a true democratic alternation at the level of the Institution President of the Republic. “On December 19, 2016, date marking the end of the second and last five-year term of the Head of State, having passed, this means, mutatis mutandis, that Joseph Kabila is no longer, according to the Constitution, the President of the Republic. The fact that he did not submit his resignation, as the entire Congolese people would have wished, constitutes, for this purpose, a serious violation of the fundamental law of R & D. Congo. On this, Kabila presumably lost its legitimacy and legality, “says the president of NOGEC.

Anxious to see R & D. Congo becomes a respected and truly sovereign country, this activist, pointing out that it is not yet late to pull himself together, urges the President of the Republic has filed his resignation. In his opinion, “it is Joseph Kabila who has led the country into this impasse. To this end, the fact of seeing him remain at the palace of the nation is strongly condemnable “. Constant Mutamba, speaking of the dialogue of the Interdiocesan Center led by the bishops of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo -CENCO, stressed that the real discussions should be the management of the Res publica after the departure of the Head of the ” State. Which means, in his opinion, that the people must, above all, fight in this direction. And afterwards, give the ball to the camp of the true politicians of the country in order to find, after consultation, if need be, the person who will direct the transition. However, this propagandist of true democracy hammers that he and NOGEC will struggle, will demonstrate, … unceasingly until R & D. Congo will gain access to true democracy. This, according to his words, begins with an immediate alternation.