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Edem Kodjo remains optimistic

This week has been more hectic for the work of dialogue chaired by Edem Kodjo, the facilitator appointed by the African Union. Monday, September 19, 2016, there was a postponement because of clashes occurred after walking Rally. The next day, Tuesday, September 20, in Kinshasa on, quoiqu’ouverte the meeting was suspended for 48 hours in honor of the son and daughters of the country fell into clashes between protesters and security forces. Meanwhile, it’s cascading departures that have been registered. In particular, that of the Catholic Church, followed by a whole audience of civil society organizations. Friday, September 23, day of the resumption of this meeting, the Opposition has been conspicuous by its absence. Why ? Well, for various reasons, she momentarily suspended its participation. With the continuing disagreements within the electoral calendar and the absence of Rally whose pressure made outside continues to grow, the facilitator Edem Kodjo would, in the eyes of many observers, in turmoil .

Last Friday, tireless, the former Togolese Prime first circulated the draft final political settlement to the participants of the plenary held, befitting to say, without a single delegate of the Opposition component. Kamerhe present in the room, was that as Co-moderator for form needs to follow protocol. The Opposition stands his ground on the draft agreement. ” No signature without specific dates for the elections ”, that’s the key word of the delegates of this component are joined by several tenors of civil society. The Presidential Majority and the National Independent Electoral Commission forms a block that supports the electoral calendar must be built after the dialogue probably at the end of the operation of the revision of the electoral. Corneille Nangaa has not made his presentation as provided for facilitation. The president of the CENI should be in the North Ubangi province where the pilot test the enrollment process was launched in July 31, 2016.

Kodjo remains optimistic

He said Friday the postponement to a later date, the closing plenary sensible work of political dialogue. On the podium, Edem Kodjo said that contacts and discussions between stakeholders is needed to afford to have a text ready for signature by all participants. “Consultations continue, I am sure they do not last too long so that we have a consensus document on which we will not have to affix our signatures,” said he released to the press. “This is why I am able to give groups the text of the agreement on which consultations can be done in all respects,” said Edem Kodjo before promising recovery, rather possible, discussions to conclude the forum. Who, really, was extended due to various hazards.